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Microblading Eyebrow: 8 Popular Shapes & 9 Customized Options

Customized Eyebrow Microblading Options

Color and shape are essential for achieving your desired eyebrow look. Eyebrow mapping identifies the best eyebrow shape based on the unique features of your face. Microblading eyebrow shapes is a semi-permanent method of enhancing eyebrows.

From sharp and defined to soft and feathered, microblading provides a customized look tailored to your preferences. You can create the perfect eyebrow look with microblading, whether you want a bold, dramatic brow or a natural enhancement.

This comprehensive guide will provide all the necessary information about microblading eyebrow shapes, from the basics to customization. You will also learn to achieve natural-looking eyebrows that complement your face shape, skin tone, and personal style.

Microblading for Eyebrows: 8 Shapes

Shapes of microblading for eyebrows

Now that you have identified the shape of your natural eyebrows, you can explore some available microblading shapes. These are some of the common eyebrow shapes that many people choose for microblading, along with their characteristics and benefits.

Straight Brows

Straight brows are eyebrows that have little or no arch. They are usually horizontal or slightly angled upwards. They are ideal for people with straight brows or wanting to create a simple, minimalistic look.

Straight brows can:

  • Make your face look more youthful and innocent.
  • Balance out a long or oval face shape.
  • Soften a strong or angular jawline.
  • Draw attention to your eyes and lashes.

Rounded Brows

Rounded brows are eyebrows that have a gentle curve or arch. They are usually symmetrical and even. Ideal for those with naturally rounded eyebrows or those seeking a soft and feminine look.

Rounded brows can:

  • Make your face look more friendly and approachable.
  • Balance out a square or diamond face shape.
  • Soften a sharp or prominent nose.
  • Draw attention to your cheekbones and lips.
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Elevate your brow game with microblading, minus the pain. Dr. Numb ensures your experience is all about fabulous results.

Oval Brows

Oval eyebrows are eyebrows with a moderate curve or arch. They are usually slightly angled upwards and downwards. The perfect solution if you have oval brows or are looking for a versatile and balanced look.

Oval brows can:

  • Make your face look more elegant and refined.
  • Suit any face shape and feature.
  • Enhance your natural brow shape and bone structure.
  • Become aware of your eye and brows.

Square Brows

Square eyebrows are those with a sharp angle or arch. They are usually flat or slightly angled downwards. Ideal for those with naturally square eyebrows or those seeking a bold and edgy look.

Square brows can:

  • Make your face look more confident and assertive.
  • Balance out a round or heart face shape.
  • Accentuate a strong or angular jawline.
  • Draw attention to your forehead and temples.

Heart Brows

Eyebrow microblading with Heart Brows

Heart brows are eyebrows with a high arch that peaks near the center of the brow. They are usually curved upwards and downwards. They are perfect for people with heart-shaped eyebrows or who want a cute and playful look.

Heart brows can:

  • Make your face look more cheerful and expressive.
  • Balance out a pear or inverted triangle face shape.
  • Accentuate a small or narrow chin.
  • Draw attention to your nose and mouth.

Diamond Brows

Diamond brows are eyebrows with a low arch that peaks near the end of the brow. They are usually angled upwards and downwards and ideally suited to people with diamond-shaped eyebrows or seeking a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Diamond brows can:

  • Make your face look more mysterious and alluring.
  • Balance out a diamond or oblong face shape.
  • Accentuate a wide or prominent forehead.
  • Focus on your eyes and ears.

Oblong Brows

Oblong brows are eyebrows with an elongated shape extending beyond the eye. They are usually straight or slightly curved. Designed for people who naturally have oblong eyebrows or want a trendy and modern look.

Oblong brows can:

  • Make your face look more fashionable.
  • Balance out a long or narrow face shape.
  • Accentuate a long or slender nose.
  • Boost your lashes and eyes.

Pear Brows

Pear brows are eyebrows with an asymmetrical shape that is thicker at the head and thinner at the tail. They are usually curved upwards at the head and downwards at the tail. These are perfect for people with rounded eyebrows or who want a unique and creative look.

Pear brows can:

  • Make your face look more quirky and fun.
  • Balance out an inverted triangle or heart face shape.
  • Accentuate a wide or prominent chin.
  • Focus on your brows and eyes.

Different Arch Styles Explained: 6 Types

Six types of arch styles explained

Another aspect of microblading eyebrow shapes you should consider is the arch style. The arch style refers to the shape and angle of the arch or curve of your eyebrow. It can have a significant impact on your facial expression and appearance.

Depending on your preference and desired effect, you can choose from many different arch styles for microblading. Here are some common arch styles that many people opt for, with their advantages and disadvantages.

Sharp High Arches

Sharp high arches are eyebrows with a steep, pointed arch that creates a dramatic and striking look. They are ideal for people who want to create a fierce and confident look.

Sharp high arches can:

  • Make your face look more alert and intense.
  • Suit a round or oval face shape.
  • Enhance a small or narrow eye shape.
  • Draw attention to your brow bone and eyelid.

Soft Arch

Soft arches are eyebrows with a gentle, smooth arch that creates a natural and subtle look. They are perfect for creating a soft and feminine look.

Soft arches can:

  • Make your face look more relaxed and calm.
  • Suitable for all face shapes and features.
  • Enhance the shape and structure of your brows.
  • Keep your eyes and brows open.

High Arch

Eyebrows with high arches have a high and curved arch creating an elegant and refined look for those who want a sophisticated and glamorous look.

High arches can:

  • Make your face look more lifted and contoured.
  • Suit squares or diamonds.
  • Enhance a large or wide eye shape.
  • Lips and cheekbones are key.
Experience the art of microblading in comfort.
Elevate your brow game with microblading, minus the pain. Dr. Numb ensures your experience is all about fabulous results.

S-Shaped Arch

S-shaped arches are eyebrows with an S-shaped curve, creating a unique and playful look. Ideally, they are suited to people who want a quirky and fun look.

S-shaped arches can:

  • Make your face look more expressive and cheerful.
  • Suit a heart or pear-face shape.
  • Enhance an almond or hooded eye shape.
  • Make your nose and mouth stand out.

Upward Arch

Upward arches are eyebrows with an upward angle, creating a modern and trendy look. For those looking to create a stylish look, they are ideal.

Upward arches can:

  • Put a youthful, innocent look on your face.
  • Suit an oblong or long face shape.
  • Enhance a round or downturned eye shape.
  • Boost your lashes and eyes.

Bold and Defined Arches

Bold and defined arches are eyebrows with a thick and prominent arch that creates a strong and edgy look. They are ideal for people wanting to create a bold, assertive look.

Bold and defined arches can:

  • Enhance your face's confidence and power.
  • Suit a heart-shaped or inverted triangle face.
  • Enhance a deep-set or close-set eye shape.
  • Focus your attention on your forehead and temples.

Eyebrow Microblading Shapes: 9 Customized Options

Customized Brow Microblading Shapes

Now that you have explored some popular microblading eyebrow shapes and arch styles, you can customize them to suit the shape and tone of your face, skin tone, and personal style. You can mix and match different elements of different eyebrow shapes and arch styles to create your unique microblading eyebrow shape.

There are some general guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your microblading eyebrow shape flatters your face shape, enhances your facial features, and matches your skin tone. Here are some tips on customizing microblading eyebrow shapes for different face shapes.

Round Face: Best Brow Shapes

A round face is characterized by having equal width and length, with soft curves and no sharp angles. The goal of microblading eyebrow shapes for round faces is to create contrast and definition and elongate the face.

Some of the best brow shapes for round faces are:

  • Angled brows: Angled brows add length to the face and create the illusion of height. Faces are also given dimension and structure by them.
  • High arches: High arches have a high curve or peak that lifts the face and draws attention to the eyes. They also balance out the roundness of the face.
  • Straight brows: Straight brows have little or no curve or arch, creating an illusion of width and widening the eyes. They also soften the curves of the face.

Some examples of celebrities with round faces rocking these brows include Emma Stone, Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, etc.

Oval Face: Best Brow Shapes

An oval face is characterized by having a slightly longer length than width, with balanced proportions and gentle curves. Microblading eyebrow shapes for oval faces enhance the natural harmony and symmetry of the face and accentuate the eyes.

The best brow shapes for oval faces are:

  • Oval brows: Oval brows have a moderate curve or arch that follows the natural shape of the brow bone. They also suit the natural shape and features of the face.
  • Soft arches: Soft arches have a gentle and smooth curve or arch that looks natural and subtle. They also enhance the bone structure and brow shape of the face.
  • Rounded brows: Rounded brows have a slight curve or arch that creates a soft and feminine look. They also soften the angles and edges of the face.

Some examples of celebrities with oval faces who wear these brows are Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, etc.

Square Face: Best Brow Shapes

Best brow shape for square faces

Equal width and length, strong angles, and a prominent jawline characterize a square face. Microblading eyebrows on square faces to cover up angles, soften the edges, and balance the width and length.

The best brow shapes for square faces are:

  • Rounded brows: They have a gentle arch that exudes feminine elegance. They also soften the sharpness and prominence of the jawline.
  • Upward arches: Arches with upward angles look trendy and modern. They lift the face and draw attention to the eyes.
  • S-shaped arches: S-shaped arches have an S-shaped curve that creates a unique and playful look. They also give faces dimension and structure.

Some examples of celebrities with square faces who rock these brow shapes are Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, Keira Knightley, etc.

Heart Face: Best Brow Shapes

A heart face has a broad forehead, narrow chin, and prominent cheekbones. Microblading eyebrows on heart faces balance the width and narrowness of the face and emphasize the eyes and lips.

The best brow shapes for heart faces are:

  • Heart brows: Heart brows have high arches near the center. They also create a cute and playful look that matches the face shape.
  • Bold and defined arches: Bold and defined arches have an edgy look that is thick and prominent. They also balance out the forehead's width and the chin's narrowness.
  • Straight brows: Straight eyebrows have little curl or arch and are simple and minimalistic. Also, they soften the face's curves and highlight the eyes and lips.

Some examples of celebrities with heart faces include Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift, etc.

Experience the art of microblading in comfort.
Elevate your brow game with microblading, minus the pain. Dr. Numb ensures your experience is all about fabulous results.

Pear Face: Best Brow Shapes

A pear-shaped face has a narrow forehead, wide jawline, and full cheeks. Microblading eyebrows on pear faces balance the narrowness and wideness of the face and highlight the brows.

The best brow shapes for pear faces are:

  • Pear brows: Pear brows have a symmetrical shape with a thicker head and a thinner tail. They also create a unique and creative look that complements the shape of the face.
  • High arches: A high arch brings attention to the eyes and lifts the face. They also balance out the wideness of the jawline and the narrowness of the forehead.
  • Oval brows: They follow the natural curve of the brow bone and are moderately arched. Their shape and features also suit the face.

Some examples of celebrities with pear faces with these brow shapes are Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Minnie Driver, etc.

Diamond Face: Best Brow Shapes

A diamond face has a narrow forehead and chin, wide cheekbones, and sharp angles. Microblading eyebrow shapes for diamond faces aim to soften angles while balancing width and length.

The best brow shapes for diamond faces are:

  • Diamond brows: Diamond brows have a low arch and a peak. They also create a glamorous and sophisticated look that complements your face shape.
  • Rounded eyebrows: Soft and feminine, with a gentle curve and arch. As well as softening the prominence and sharpness of cheekbones, they also reduce the size of cheekbones.
  • Angled brows: An angle or arch in the brow creates the appearance of height. Faces look more structured and dimensioned.

Some examples of celebrities with diamond brows include Halle Berry, Rihanna, Megan Fox, etc.

Oblong Face: Best Brow Shapes

Best brow shape for an oblong face

An oblong face features a longer length than width, balanced proportions, and no prominent angles. Microblading eyebrows on oblong faces enhance contrast and definition while shortening the face.

The best brow shapes for oblong faces are:

  • Oblong brows: Oblong brows have an elongated shape that extends beyond the eye. They also create a modern and trendy appearance that suits the shape of the face.
  • Sharp high arches: Sharp high arches have steep, pointed arches. They also create contrast and definition to the face.
  • Heart brows: High-arched brows that peak near the center. They also create a cute, playful look that draws attention to the eyes and lips.

Some examples of celebrities with oblong faces wearing these brow shapes are Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.

Long Face: Best Brow Shapes

A long face tends to be longer than wide, with narrow proportions and prominent angles. With microblading, long faces aim to soften corners and edges and widen the eyes.

The best brow shapes for long faces are:

  • Straight brows: Straight eyebrows create an illusion of width and widen the eyes. Face angles and edges are also softened.
  • Soft arches: Arches with soft curves create a natural, subtle look. They also enhance the natural shape of the brows and bone structure.
  • Square brows: Square brows create an illusion of height and lengthen the face. Faces appear more defined and structured when they frame them.

Some examples of celebrities with long faces who wear these brow shapes include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, etc.

Inverted Triangle Face: Best Brow Shapes

An inverted triangle face has a wide forehead, narrow chin, and sharp angles. Microblading eyebrow shapes on inverted triangle faces to balance the widths and narrownesses of the face and emphasize eyes and brows.

The best brow shapes for inverted triangle faces are:

  • Angled brows: Angled brows add height and length to the face and balance out the width of the forehead and narrowness of the chin.
  • Diamond eyebrows: Diamond eyebrows have a low arch. The glamorous and sophisticated look also emphasizes the eyes and ears.
  • Pearbrows: Thicker at the tail than the head, pearbrows have an asymmetrical shape. Additionally, they draw attention to the eyes and brows.

Some examples of celebrities with inverted triangle face with these brow shapes include Tyra Banks, Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, etc.

Microblading Eyebrow Shapes: The Fundamentals

Basics of Microblading Eyebrows

Before we dive into the details of microblading eyebrow shapes, let’s first understand the basics of eyebrows and how they affect your appearance.

The Anatomy of Eyebrows

Heads, arches, and tails are the three main components of eyebrows. Heads start near the bridge of the nose and extend up to the brow bone at its highest point. The arch defines the shape of the brow. Tails are the outer corner of the eye that ends at the tip.

These components determine the shape and appearance of your eyebrows. Longer tails, for example, can make your eyes appear larger and more elongated, while shorter tails can make them appear smaller and rounder. Also, higher arches can make your face appear more alert and lifted, while lower arches can make it appear calmer and relaxed.

Factors Influencing Eyebrow Shape Choices

Many factors can influence your choice of eyebrow shape for microblading. Some of these factors are:

  • Your natural eyebrow shape: Your natural eyebrow shape is determined by your genetics and how your hair grows. Follow your natural eyebrow shape as much as possible, as it will likely suit your facial features and bone structure. You can modify or enhance your natural eyebrow shape with microblading to correct flaws or achieve a different look.
  • Your face shape: Eyebrow shape for microblading should consider your facial proportions and characteristics. A square face can soften angles with rounded brows, while a round face can benefit from angled or arched brows.
  • Your skin tone: Your skin tone can also affect the shape of your eyebrows after microblading. Different skin tones have different undertones that can complement or clash with varying colors of eyebrows and shades. For example, warm skin tones can look good with warm or golden brow colors, while cool tones look great with cool or ashy brow colors.
  • Your style and preferences:Your style and preferences are also important factors when choosing a microblading eyebrow shape. For example, if you are bold and confident, you may prefer a defined brow shape that makes a statement. You may prefer a soft, natural brow shape if you are subtle and elegant.

Natural Eyebrow Shape: How to Identify?

Identifying natural eyebrow shapes

One of the first steps to choosing an eyebrow shape for microblading is identifying your natural eyebrow shape. This will help you determine what modifications or enhancements you need or want to make with microblading.

To identify your natural eyebrow shape, you can use a simple method involving the start, the end, and the highest.

  • The start point: The start point is where your eyebrow begins near the bridge of your nose. To find it, you can use a straight ruler or a pencil and align it vertically with the outer edge of your nostril. The point where it intersects with your brow is your starting point.
  • The endpoint: You can find your endpoint by aligning a ruler diagonally from your nostril's edge to the outer corner of your eye. Your endpoint is where your brow intersects your nostril.
  • The highest point: The highest point is where your eyebrow reaches its peak or arch. You can locate it using the same ruler or pencil aligned vertically with the center of your iris (the colored part of your eye). Its intersection with your brow is its highest point.

Identify and connect these three points with a smooth curve to outline your natural eyebrow shape. Fill any gaps or sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder.

Microbladed Eyebrows: How to Get a Natural Look?

Natural Look of Microbladed Eyebrows

It can create realistic, natural-looking eyebrow shapes that blend in seamlessly with your hair and skin. Below are some tips and tricks to help you achieve the most natural-looking results.

Some of these tips are:

  • Choose a suitable color: The color of your microbladed eyebrows should match or complement your natural hair color and skin tone. You can consult your microblading artist to find the best color for you or use a color chart to compare shades. Generally, you should avoid too light or dark colors, as they can look unnatural or harsh.
  • Follow your natural shape: As mentioned earlier, stick to your natural eyebrow shape. It usually complements your facial structure and features. Microblading enhances your natural shape and corrects flaws, but avoid creating a new shape that doesn't match your eyebrows.
  • Enhance your facial features: Consider how microbladed eyebrows can enhance your facial features. Choose shapes that complement or balance your best features. Opt for shapes that widen or make your eyes stand out if they are small. Soften a large nose or make it less noticeable with the right eyebrow shape.
  • Balance symmetrical and proportional: Another factor affecting how natural your microbladed eyebrows look is their symmetry and proportion. The shape, angle, and position of your eyebrows should be similar. The goal is to create eyebrows that blend harmoniously with your face rather than obsess over minor differences or imperfections.
Experience the art of microblading in comfort.
Elevate your brow game with microblading, minus the pain. Dr. Numb ensures your experience is all about fabulous results.

How to Choose the Perfect Eyebrow Shape for Microblading?

Following your exploration of microblading eyebrow shapes, arch styles, and customization tips, you might wonder how to choose the right eyebrow shape. This question is not definitive, as people have different preferences and expectations. You can take steps to make your decision easier and more satisfying.

Some of these steps are:

  • Consider your style and preferences: Choosing microblading eyebrow shapes begins with considering your style and preferences. You should choose an eyebrow shape that reflects your personality, taste, and lifestyle. For example, you would like strong, defined eyebrows if you are confident and bold. You would like your brows to be soft and natural to blend seamlessly with your natural features.
  • Seek professional advice and consultation: The best eyebrow shape comes from consulting a professional. A trained and experienced microblade can help you determine your natural eyebrow shape, skin tone, and desired result. You can ask them any questions about microblading, the procedure, risks, and aftercare of microblading. They can also show you different microblading eyebrow styles.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Eyebrow Shape Selection:The third step to microblading eyebrow shape selection is to follow some tips on choosing the right shape for your brows. These are some common mistakes or pitfalls you should avoid or overcome when picking a shape for your eyebrows.

Some of the dos of eyebrow shape selection are:

  • Do your research: Before you decide on an eyebrow shape for microblading, you should research the options available and the pros and cons of each one. You can browse online for images, videos, reviews, testimonials, or articles on microblading eyebrow shapes. You can also ask for recommendations or referrals from friends, family, or acquaintances who have undergone microblading.
  • Do a trial run: It is important to try a new eyebrow shape before committing to microblading. The eyebrow shape can be drawn or filled in with a pencil or powder on your face. An app or website can also let you try on different eyebrow shapes virtually. After trying on the eyebrow shape, you can take a picture of yourself and compare it to your natural eyebrows or other options.
  • Trust your instincts: The best way to choose microblading eyebrow shapes is to trust your instincts. Make sure your eyebrow shape makes you happy, confident, and comfortable. You should also choose an eyebrow shape that matches your expectations and goals. You should not let anyone pressure or influence you into choosing an eyebrow shape that you do not like or want.

Some of the don’ts of eyebrow shape selection are:

  • Don’t follow trends blindly: While following the latest trends and styles in microblading eyebrow shapes is tempting, you should not follow them blindly without considering if they suit you. Trends come and go, but microblading is a semi-permanent procedure lasting several months or years. Ensure your eyebrow shape is timeless and classic rather than trendy and faddish.
  • Don't copy celebrities blindly: Although it is inspirational to see celebrities with amazing microbladed eyebrows, don't copy them blindly. A celebrity's face shape, skin tone, eyebrow shape, and facial features differ from yours. In addition, they have makeup artists, stylists, photographers, and editors who can make their appearance more appealing. Consider your features and face shape when choosing an eyebrow shape.
  • Don’t overdo it: While going for a dramatic or drastic change in your eyebrow shape with microblading is tempting, you should not overdo it without considering the consequences. A semi-permanent procedure called microblading can be difficult or expensive to reverse or correct. Ensure your eyebrow shape is realistic and natural-looking rather than exaggerated or unnatural-looking.

Microblading Eyebrow Shapes for Black Ladies

Black Women's Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is a great option for black ladies who want to enhance their eyebrows and achieve a flawless look. There are some specific tips and tricks that black ladies should follow before microblading eyebrows.

Some of these tips are:

  • Diverse brow aesthetics: Black ladies have brow aesthetics that vary in color, texture, density, length, width, height, angle, and shape. Rather than conforming to a standard or ideal brow shape, black ladies should embrace their diversity by choosing a microblading eyebrow shape that suits their aesthetics. In addition, they should embrace their natural beauty and avoid microblading eyebrows that are too light, thin, or sparse.
  • Choose a suitable color: Black women should choose colors that complement their hair and skin tone. Match your microbladed eyebrow color with your skin undertones. You can choose the correct shade of your hair color with your microblading artist using a color chart or consultation. Black women should avoid colors that clash with their skin tone or hair color because they may appear unflattering.
  • Follow your natural shape: Black ladies should maintain their natural eyebrow shape whenever possible to complement their facial features and bone structure. It is recommended that they do not create an eyebrow shape that does not match their natural one, as microblading can enhance or correct natural eyebrow shapes. Hair follicles can also be damaged by microblading before overplucking or waxing the eyebrows.
  • Enhance your facial features: Black women can enhance their facial features with microbladed eyebrows. By choosing the right shape, they can draw attention to their best features and balance out less favorable ones. For example, if they have large eyes, they can choose an eyebrow shape that frames and highlights them. Similarly, they can opt for a shape that softens their appearance if they have a wide nose.
  • Balance symmetry and proportions: For natural and beautiful microbladed eyebrows, it's important to achieve symmetry and proportion. Black ladies should aim for similar sizes, shapes, angles, and positions on both sides of their faces. While perfection is impossible, creating harmonious and balanced eyebrows is key.

The Evolution of Microblading Eyebrow Shapes

Eyebrow shape evolution with microblading

Microblading eyebrow shapes have evolved, reflecting people's changing trends and preferences. Microblading is a relatively new technique developed in Asia and Europe in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It became popular in the United States and other parts of the world in the 2010s and 2020s.

Some of the factors that influenced eyebrow shapes with microblading are:

  • The influence of celebrities: Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, and Zendaya have popularized microblading for flawless eyebrows. It has become a major source of inspiration for those seeking to enhance their appearance.
  • The influence of social media: Social media has become a powerful hub for sharing information and images of microblading eyebrow shapes. People share their before-and-after pictures and videos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. They also provide reviews, tips, and recommendations, raising awareness and interest in microblading.
  • The influence of technology: Technology has revolutionized microblading eyebrow shapes, enhancing quality, safety, and realism. Artists now use advanced tools, while individuals can virtually test different shapes before proceeding. Progress is evident in every aspect of microblading.
Experience the art of microblading in comfort.
Elevate your brow game with microblading, minus the pain. Dr. Numb ensures your experience is all about fabulous results.

Some of the microblading eyebrow styles over the years are:

  • Thin and arched brows: In the early 2000s, thin and arched brows were a trendy microblading style inspired by celebrities. These brows were achieved by plucking, waxing, or threading but sometimes resulted in overplucking or damage. Microblading offered a semi-permanent solution to restore or enhance thin and arched brows.
  • The thick and bold brows: Thick and bold brows were the trend in the late 2000s and early 2010s, inspired by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne. Achieving this look required maintenance, time, and skill. Microblading offered a solution with semi-permanent pigment for those who desired thick and defined brows.
  • Natural and feathered brows: In the late 2010s and early 2020s, natural and feathered brows became a popular trend. Celebrities like Zendaya and Rihanna inspired this chic look, which effortlessly followed the natural shape and texture of the eyebrows. The feathered effect created a realistic appearance by mimicking natural hair using fine pigment strokes. Microblading provided a semi-permanent solution to enhance or achieve desired brows.


In conclusion, microblading eyebrow shapes offer a personalized, long-lasting solution for achieving your desired brow look. Whether you want a bold and defined brow or a soft and natural enhancement, microblading allows you to create a shape that complements your unique facial features, skin tone, and personal style.

With the ability to customize the shape, thickness, and color, microblading offers endless possibilities for achieving the perfect brow. Plus, with semi-permanent results, you can enjoy your new and improved eyebrows for up to two years.

So why try microblading and experience the confidence boost of flawless eyebrows? Book your consultation today and take the first step towards achieving your dream brows.

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  • What is the duration of the microblading procedure?

    A microblading procedure's duration depends on several factors, such as the skill and experience of the microblading artist, the complexity and size of the eyebrow shape, and the individual healing process of the client. On average, the microblading procedure takes about two to three hours to complete. This includes consultation, design, numbing, pigmentation, and aftercare instructions.

  • Can I choose a different eyebrow shape after microblading?

    Choosing different eyebrow shapes is possible, but it is not recommended. The duration of a microblading procedure varies from about one to three years, depending on skin type, lifestyle, sun exposure, etc. Changing your eyebrow shape after microblading may be difficult or costly, as it may require additional sessions of microblading or other methods of removal or correction.

  • Do you get your eyebrows shaped before microblading?

    No, you do not need to shape them before microblading, as the microblading artist will shape your eyebrows according to your desired outcome and preference. You should avoid waxing or plucking your eyebrows before microblading, as this can damage your hair follicles or skin, affecting the growth or quality of your microbladed eyebrows.

    You should also avoid sun exposure or tanning on your face or brows before microblading, as these can cause skin irritation or inflammation that can affect the healing process or the result of your microbladed eyebrows.

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