Dr. Numb® Counterfeit Warning

Thank you for visiting our Dr. Numb® Counterfeit Warning page.

Fake identical-looking Dr. Numb® products are being sold on Amazon and Ebay at attractive prices. However, Dr. Numb® will not be responsible for any adverse effects caused by counterfeit Dr. Numb® products.

In order to prevent any medical problems brought about by counterfeit products, we advise everyone to exercise due diligence in verifying the authenticity of Dr. Numb® products they are buying. As it stands, 95% of Online sellers claim to be Dr. Numb® Distributors, when in fact they are selling counterfeit products – knowingly or unknowingly. Consumers have the right to verify the online sellers first before making any purchase.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are doing our part to protect our customers from these devious sellers. The products that we sell from DrNumb.com are the ORIGINAL and strong numbing cream that we have perfected throughout the years and continually being tested for its effectiveness.

This page is dedicated to address the persistently growing counterfeiting activities of Dr. Numb® products currently circulating in the global market and how to protect oneself from traps laid out to lure consumers into deception of gaining from it.

What you need to know about Counterfeiting / Intellectual Property Theft?

Counterfeiting is a very huge crime that involves manufacturing and distribution of goods under someone else’s name without permission and may operate on a local or a global scale. Counterfeit goods are generally made from lower quality components in an attempt to attract consumers to purchase cheap imitation/s of similar goods produced by brands that consumers recognize and trust. Counterfeiting not only affects the brands that were imitated but also costs EVERYONE who patronizes the fake goods over the originals.

How large is this counterfeiting problem?

During the past seven years, Dr. Numb® has witnessed alarming quantities of seized counterfeit goods not only in the borders of U.S. and Canada but also in Europe, Middle East Asia and Southeast Asia. Globally, the trafficking of counterfeit goods is growing and expanding its reach in a shocking speed. This growth is fueled by consumer demand and the desire to buy Dr. Numb® products at very cheap prices with little regard to possible dangers of using products with no certifications and have unknown origins.

If you want to report a fake/counterfeit Dr. Numb® being sold on Amazon and/or Ebay, please report to us through our phone hotline at 1-877-786-2001, our contact page, or through the live chat.

Fake Dr. Numb®


Could Cost You


Could crime

Hurts the company


Fake Dr. Numb® products are often made using CHEAP, SUBSTANDARD, and LETHAL components that put the health and safety of consumers at risk. These dangerous substances could predispose users to suffer from birth defects, seizures, and worst, sudden deaths.


By not doing due diligence prior to making a purchase, you are also putting yourself at high risk for identity theft and credit card fraud when you provide a counterfeit seller with your information.


Counterfeiting is both a federal and a state crime that is why purchasing counterfeit products directly supports this illegal activity. It will not be put to STOP if there are still consumers buying from counterfeit sellers.


Counterfeiting activities could operate on a very large scale and sometimes may be linked to funding an organized crime. These crimes cause great distress within the society and must not be fueled any further.


ShinPharma Inc. has committed to producing only the Best Quality and complies with Regulatory rules set by Health Canada and FDA and has devoted significant resources to research and development and building a reputation for quality among consumers. The counterfeiters just profit unfairly off of another company’s good name. The lost sales and profits that result from this unfair competition could have been used to open more job opportunities, better prices and services for consumers.

Counterfeit Warning: Counterfeit on eBay and Amazon The Counterfeit Report’s most recent study shows that Amazon and eBay are proving to be primary and ideal platforms to enable and facilitate the distribution of nearly $1.7 trillion in global counterfeit goods, expected to grow to $2.8 trillion by 2022. E-commerce giant eBay has a huge counterfeit issues and consumers unfortunately have to suffer serious consequences.We are glad that today you’ve taken a time to visit this page to be informed and hopefully we hope that you will share this article to help and fight against the counterfeit overall. Perhaps, you or your close person may have been victim, knowingly or not knowingly, from these malicious counterfeit sellers on the market. When it comes to OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceutical such as Dr.Numb®, it is absolutely critical to avoid illegally circulated products.

Counterfeit at your local Retail store and Alibaba

At Shinpharma, we have identified more than 200 retail stores throughout the North America, Europe (United Kingdom, Poland, Italy), South Eastern Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia) and East Asian countries such (Japan, and South Korea). Majority of them were mislead by suppliers located in China, such as Guangzhou, Jiang Su, and Shen Zhen, via Alibaba (primary platform which fuels all counterfeit activities on eBay and Amazon).

So…What’s the Risk?

Our most recent studies show that these so-called Dr. Numb® counterfeit products contain lethal substances that may cause birth defects. The active ingredient that claims to have higher % lidocaines can cause serious adverse effects. If for whatever reason there is a serious side effects, it is none other than the consumer who has to go through the serious consequences without being able to make a claim against. It is our claim that 95% of lidocaine numbing products on the market are not manufactured from cGMP facilities and do not go through any lab testings before release the products.

So what can I do? Help Us Fight against Counterfeit products!

Visit our page at The Counterfeit Report® and Educate yourself, and your close ones. Share on social media to spread the word and help others.


1. Call Us at 1.877.786.2001 or email us at infringement@drnumb.com
2. Authenticate Your Dr.Numb® by visiting this page. drnumb.com
3. Report to local authorities, Make complaints to eBay, Amazon, or any other sites you spot counterfeit products.


Fake products are so cheap that it is too good to be true. Many consumers are deceived by the “huge” savings they thought they will get.


If the product is being sold without its packaging, or the packaging appears to be of low quality, or includes printing errors (for example, blurry pictures, typos, spelling or grammatical errors) it is probably counterfeit.


Buy from authorized and reputable sellers: Purchase products like "Dr. Numb®" only from official stores, authorized distributors, or well-known retailers. Avoid purchasing from third-party sellers or unverified sources.
WARNING: Fake Dr. Numb® products are most commonly sold in eBay, amazon, Alibaba and other online channels. Counterfeiters steal pictures of the original Dr. Numb® and copy our contents to make their websites look legit, so don’t be fooled by a professional-looking website. Always compare with the original Dr. Numb®. Check out the fine print in the product descriptions, FAQ’s, or “Contact Us” pages. If you find typos, grammatical and spelling errors, or incomplete information, then the site is probably fake.