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Worst Tattoo Experiences Shared By Tattoo Artists

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 13th

Worst Tattoo Experiences Shared By Tattoo Artists

Sometimes tattoo artists fail to deliver as per client’s expectations. Sometimes clients throw tantrum when they can’t bear the pain. Here we have rounded up such experiences of a tattoo artist.

The life of tattoo artists seems interesting, but actually, it is not. They have to keep every inch of ink precise to live up to client’s expectations.

But it is not necessary that things always go their way or they meet good clients all the time. It is a client-centric industry where the owner gets instant feedback, and that’s too verbal. A great design means kudos while a poor work may lead to client’s disappointment, and even worse to physical confrontation. Here we have listed the stories of tattoo artist to give you an idea that their work is never easy. Let’s dive in.

When It Comes to Tattooing a Private Part, The Story May Like This One

“I had a client contact me through my facebook page and he booked online. He wanted a goddess of fire with the face of Alanis Morissette. When he came in for his appointment, he was generally creepy. He was in his 60s and asking me about getting together with my 25-year-old co-worker (who would never be interested because as he was reasonably hideous). He wanted the tattoo on the side of his thigh. When he took off his jeans, he was wearing a red satin thong that undid at the side. He then expressed that it wasn't just going on his thigh, but also on the side of the ass/hip region. During the session, there was a mild bumhole smell the whole time. He asked me how much I would charge to touch up the tattoo on his penis. I told him $1500. After he left I decided to check out his facebook page and as I went through his pictures, I saw one of his massive collection of anal beads and butt plugs. He may not have been the worst customer I've ever had, but definitely the strangest.”

`Client Was Fainted and Nobody Was There

“I've been tattooing for 3+ years now, and the one that really sticks out at me was a small blonde girl who was lovely and chatty, but as soon as we got a few minutes into lining, she went quiet, completely white and proceeded to faint. I work in my own private, licensed studio alone so I had to just hold her up in the chair til she woke up. Anyway she was fine after that and we managed to finish it, she praised how well I dealt with her and I had a few of her friends come in after that.

Fast forward a year later she comes back for a larger tattoo on her back, now this time she didn't faint, but she proceeded to sing at the top of her voice for the entire forty minutes she was under the needle. Not that I'd really mind apart from the fact she was singing "10 little ducks went swimming one day," y'now, the nursery rhyme. I worked and she slowly sang her way down to 2 little ducks and then one, and I'd hoped she'd just stop. Nope, she started again from the start of the song. Heard 2 full repeats of it before we finished.Never been so happy to complete a tattoo.”

Cover Up Goes Wrong

"I did a cover-up that I wasn't proud of, but that's what the client wanted. A couple came into the shop asking for a cover-up of an ex-BF. She showed me and, surely enough, a big guy's name on her side hip. The good part was it was done in a light-blue ink, easy to cover. I already started getting ideas in my head of what to cover it with. Guy steps in and says, 'No. We just want a star over it.' The name was about 5 [to] 6 inches long, and I explained that a star that big would have to be, at least...8 inches big to fully cover the name. Both said yes to this. My boss walks over and gets on my ass for not suggesting something else, but I explained to him that that's what they wanted. Both looked at him and nodded. By the time it was done, this small, petite girl had a blue star covering her entire hip area. It looked cheap, tacky, ghetto mad, just stupid. After that, I refused to do cover-ups if the client doesn't listen to reason."

Fake Date of Birth to Get the Tattoo

"A guy I know has a tattoo of Roman numerals with his date of birth running down his forearm. The problem is, he wasn't old enough to get one at the time so [he] lied on the form he had to fill out, and as a result, he now has a tattoo with the WRONG date of birth on his arm!"