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What to do if a Tattoo Becomes infected

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jul 5th

What to do if a Tattoo Becomes infected

We can see Tattoos progressively as a common appearance in our daily life. These days’ people come to do important businesses with multiple piercing and tattoo fonts. People getting inked are not considered uncommon even in the offices. You may come across many colleagues and your seniors having tattoo pictures, even at conservative work surroundings.

No doubt that with cool tattoo ideas, its prominence and demand among people in the market may make you feel that to get inked with tattoos is not at all a risky task. Whether it’s a small tattoo or a big tattoo design it does have some risk. Piercing a needle with ink into your skin has the possibility to introduce alien matter which can cause infection in your body.

Getting a tattoo from a tattoo artist who doesn’t accurately keep their tools hygienic can be dangerous to health. It can lead to serious skin infections and other health issues.

It all depends on the safe techniques a tattoo designer uses for piercing a tattoo on your body.

How to diagnose tattoo Infection

Immediately after you get a fresh tattoo, the area becomes exposed to germs and bacteria till the time the skin is able to guard itself by making scabs over the lesion before finally reconstructing a perpetual external layer of skin over the tattooed area.

But when these disgusting germs and bacteria, attacks the lesion, it will make difficult for your body’s immunity to stop them from contaminating the infected tattoo design. It is known as tattoo infection

The most prevalent sign of an infected tattoo are rashes, redness or a rough skin around the area where you have the tattoo design.

Sometimes because of the sensitive skin, you may feel irked and that can be because of the inked needle used to make a tattoo picture.

In this is the case, the tattoo allergy symptoms should go after a couple of days.

But if these symptoms persist for a week or more, it is better to see a doctor.

If you feel that something is gone wrong with your tattoo check for the following symptoms:

  • Fever and feeling fragile
  • Feeling flashes of hot and cold
  • Peculiar trembling
  • Inflammation on the inked area
  • Redness with blistering and pus coming out from the tattoo infected area
  • Increased scab size
  • Swelling spreads for more than four to five days
  • A tattoo is scorching to touch for some days
  • Golden or yellow pus oozes from the infected area
  • Foul smell from tattoo designed area
  • Acute pain over 4-5 days on the skin where a tattoo is pierced

Methods to Treat Infected Tattoo Areas

Slight infection on tattoo pierced area can usually is handled at home with antibacterial ointment and appropriate cleaning of the contaminated area.

  • Some of the quick and easy home care remedies, which you can follow, are given below:
  • Firstly you must clean your hands with antiseptic soap and warm water. Dry the clean infected area with a neat towel. This step is very important to avoid any type of infection, which may pass from your hands.
  • Wash the fluid and pus on the inked tattoo with warm water with your hands. Keep the area dry after the process.
  • Compose a saline solution. Put 2 tbsp. of salt to one liter of water, mix well. Now rinse your inked area with the solution.
  • Softly wash the dust and other alien deposits on the crust of the wound. But you should not clean the scabs with force as it will not be good for the healing of the affected area.
  • Remember to keep the area thoroughly dry.
  • Always keep your inked area covered to protect it from getting messy and contaminated. Keep your tattoo wrapped when it’s soggy. Also, consider wrapping when the tattoo is moist.
  • Make sure to keep your tattoo ventilated in the hygienic area.
  • There are certain types of inks that react to the light, specifically sunlight. Exposure to the sun will not be good for your tattooed area. Keep it away from direct sunlight. Some mild infections can get fine with antihistamines or steroid creams, otherwise, it is better to see your doctor.

There are certain instances where tattoo inks can cause serious infections that need medical consideration and treatment. This type of situation arises especially in people who have fragile immunity or allergies to tattoo inks and dyes.

If you are having such type of infection, its treatment depends on the exact cause. The doctor may take a specimen of the tissue to see which type of bacteria or virus is generating the infection.

Mostly an antibiotic can help to waver off the infection.

  • But if your infection is due to MRSA bacteria, antibiotics may not be helpful. If MRSA results in swelling, your doctor may have to drain it in spite of prescribing you antibiotics.

In exceptional situations of infection, surgery is recommended to restore your skin.

  • A staph infection is one of the infections you can get with piercing. No doubt staph infections are treatable but the main problem is staph bacteria can often become immune to regular antibiotics.

Staph bacteria can attack your blood and internal organs of the body. This can result in toxic shock syndrome, sepsis, and arthritis.

  • It is advised to go to your doctor or emergency room if you are facing such type of issues after piercing the tattoo.

For Tattoo Lovers Prevention is always better than cure

There is no doubt that tattoo designs are getting famous among men and women of different age groups.

Hollywood’s superstars like Angelina Jolie is fond of tattoos Even a famous personality like David Beckham mostly show his back, showing the names of his sons which are pierced in thick black ink.

Despite the popularity of different ink designs it is always better to follow its procedures with safety measures.