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Trapped In Tattoo Labyrinth

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Feb 14th

Trapped In Tattoo Labyrinth

Tattoos are like maze: it’s easy to start from entrance but as you proceed, it complexes and becomes hard to find the desired goal. Getting a tattoo is result of through research and will- power, any component missing leads to a tattoo that one regret for entire lifetime.

Getting inked is one of the biggest decisions in life and young people these days are choosing to get tattooed without much knowledge about the same. This resulted in 22% of millennials aged 18 to 24 having at least one tattoo.

This story of a mother who somehow found herself in a dilemma situation because of her daughter is worth giving a look.

Mother, Daughter and a tattoo

My family is my lifeline and I have worked hard to satisfy all their needs with a smile on face. I am working since 18 years to feed my family and I am leaving no stone unturned to satisfy all the desires of my kids. I am the mother of 2 sweet kids and running the entire load of my family on my shoulders with grace.

In this busy schedule of my life, somehow I forgot my identity, my hobbies and my love for life. I started to live my life with zeal and made up my mind that age is not a factor that can resist me to pursue my hobbies. The first thing on my to-do list was getting a tattoo.

The day I passed high school, it was on my mind but I thought to wait before taking a spontaneous decision and regretting later on. I am pretty happy that I took that decision in my young age because surely, I would have regretted the design that was on my mind at age of 18.

But today I am 37 and mature enough to hold on my emotions and choosing a design that will be an asset to my body and not a burden. After detailed research with a tattoo artist on ideas that were floating in my mind, I decided to ink myself with a design describing me in middle with my two little kids on my right and left holding my finger. It was perfect design for me as for me my life revolves around my kids.

It was my first tattoo and I was nervous but sharing my thoughts with tattoo artist calmed me down. He was very professional and moved ahead step by step, starting with application of numbing cream so that I feel no pain while the tattoo is being inked on my skin. With proper concentration and dedication he made a design on my arm followed by inking the desired area. The final result left me in tears as the tattoo was above my expectations and looked unique and beautiful.

I was happy to finally pursue my one of the dream and bringing it to reality. My kids loved the design and were super happy with tattoo.

But one day while I was out to picnic with my kids, my younger daughter who is 15 put forward her desire to get a tattoo. Her desire made me speechless as I was not able to say her NO because even I had a tattoo and I didn’t wanted her to get a tattoo at such a young age.

Somehow, I gave a diplomatic answer to get rid of that situation at that moment. But her question kept on revolving in my mind. I didn’t want her to take a decision at this age that she will regret later. Tattoo is a big decision; it is a permanent part of your life. Her safety is my upmost priority.

She kept on asking me for month the same question so that I can approve her but I never gave an accurate answer. One day I decided to be laconic and share my feelings with her.

I went to her room and told her the reason why I don’t want her to get a tattoo at age of 15. I shared my past experience with her: When I was 18 I decided to ink myself with name of my boyfriend, but I thought to wait for some time and one unfortunate day, he left me alone with 2 kids. Today, I feel proud of the decision I made when I was 18 and I am proud of my kids.

My daughter understood my point of view with great maturity and postponed her decision of getting a tattoo.

It’s better to wait than to hate. Digest all the information about the tattoo and then wait for the good time to get a tattoo. Good time means time when you get mature, mature enough to implement your decision which will have least probability to be regretted.

Hold your emotions, mix it with your creativity and make a proper use of it in creating a design that will be unique, beautiful and powerful at same time.