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Things People Usually Say To Someone With A Septum Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 17th

Things People Usually Say To Someone With A Septum Piercing

Are you looking for a septum piercing? Great! And get ready to hear people’s take on your piercing. Here we have listed the things people generally say to someone with a septum piercing.

Septum piercing just looks like a bull nose ring. No wonder that most people choose it to look bold and badass. Septum piercing is done on the tissue underneath the septum that divides the nostrils. Even celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jessica Biel, Zoë Kravitz, and FKA Twigs have got septum piercing.

Once you wear septum piercing, you attract different opinion from the onlookers. Some will praise your piercing while some chide you for ruining your face. Then, there are the folks who assume you to be rebel or badass. This is how people judge or approach someone who wears septum piercing. And this is the topic of our blog—what people think about the wearer of septum piercing.

If you are fond of septum piercing, always prepared to hear the public comments like…

“This Has Ruined Your Pretty Face”

This is how one Reddit user has opened up on septum piercing.

“I think this piercing is really dumb looking. It looks like a cow ring. I have never seen a single person I think a septum ring looks good on. It's just not flattering. These piercings used to be rare. now tons of otherwise attractive people are getting them and screwing with their faces.

this pretty girl in one of my classes came in one day with a swollen nose and this huge ugly black bullring hanging an inch down from her nose. I just wanted to grab her and yell WHYYYYY!! I'm not against piercings and have some strategically placed, but these are not aesthetically pleasing in the least! I am obsessed with aesthetics!

what are your thoughts on these rings? any common trends that bother you guys?”

Many people must have the same opinion, given that septum piercing is unique and adventurous.

Therefore, people who adore simplicity may not like your piercing. Don’t be disheartened. Septum piercing has enhanced your look, not ruined it. Right?Many people feel that such bold piercing increases their self-esteem and make them feel strong. Septum piercing is your choice and reflection of your aestheticism.

“Did it Hurt You?”

Well, you being a septum piercing wearer must have heard this one. In fact, it must be annoying after hearing it so many times. Well, septum piercing looks complicated; thereby people think that it causes a hell of pain.

However, septum piercing hurt less than a getting a shot. The piercing only pierces the thin layer of the skin where your septum is, not the cartilage in the nose. However, it takes longer to heal the piercing.

“You Won’t Get a Job with that”

A Worried Job SeekerExpresses Concern at Reddit

“Wondering if I should hide my septum piercing for a job interview this week. I used to be a nanny and always wore my piercings. I am a firm believer that my piercings are part of me and I shouldn't have to hide them. I am good at my job and it's never affected my work. However, I'm now interviewing for an admin role in a mental health organization. Should I go in there with or without? Of course, without will look corporate and professional and I really want/need this job.”

You must have come across several people who warned you that you won’t get a job with a septum piercing. You will have to remove it to get the job.

Well, they are partially true as you may be asked to remove the piercing in corporate settings or while dealing with a customer. It is also true that many organizations have started accepting tattoos and piercing. They prefer talent and skills over the appearance.

“It is Not Easy for You to Clean It”

Many people think that it is not easy to clean septum piercing. But this is just a misconception. Cleaning your septum piercing is easy. Tell them it just takes you to soak your piercing into the sea salt solution for a couple of minutes.

"You look like a bull.”

This may be the nastier comment for the wearer of septum piercing. While the piercing is inspired by the bullring, it doesn’t make someone look like a bull. Like we said before, septum piercing enhances your look. Don’t pay heed to such comments.

So these are the things you will get to hear from people after your septum piercing. We understand that most of these things are annoying and discouraging. But septum piercing is your choice. It is something that reflects your aesthetic. So go ahead and get it. But make sure that you choose a right and experienced artist for that. All the best!