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Tattoo Hygiene Tips for Tattoo Artists: What a Tattooist Must Not Forget?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 9th

Tattoo Hygiene Tips for Tattoo Artists: What a Tattooist Must Not Forget?

Since tattoo involves skin piercing and wounding, it is essential for a tattoo artist to maintain hygienic standards at his tattoo shop.

Being a tattoo artist, you must be passionate about your skills, your art and your client. But for being a good tattoo artist, it takes one more step and that is passionate about the hygiene and clean environment at your studio. Sadly, even some tattoo studios are not so serious about the hygiene and cleanliness at that level. You promote tattoo hygiene as an important aftercare step, but that is useless if you fail to keep that in your studio.

Remember, tattoo hygiene is as essential as the tattoo making skill. If an artist fails to keep it, a client may expose to bigger infection and injuries. So, be a responsible tattoo artist and check if you are using these standards regarding your process and equipment.

Tattoo Studio Must Be Equipped with all Facilities:

Keeping a needle gun and putting up large tattoo charts doesn’t mean you live up to all expectations unless you take care of hygiene. So, make sure your tattoo studio is equipped with these things:

  • Hand wash basin for clean and warm water
  • Separate sink for cleaning equipment and it should be separate from the cleaning area.
  • Liquid Soap or Green soap
  • Singe use towels or an automatic hand dryer
  • Disposable gloves and aprons
  • Trash bin

Well, having these things installed at your shop may cost you more, but they are essential for your client safety and your convenience as well.

Keep Sterilized and Clean Equipment:

Whether it’s needles or ink, make sure to keep tattoo making products of good quality. Use one needle for one client only and avoid reusing it on the other one if possible, or else, you can sterilize it with bench top sterilizer. Apart from needles, make sure to keep the ink of good quality. Keep your equipment clean and sterilize.

Hygiene While Doing Tattooing:

Besides keeping things hygienic all the time, you must be extra careful while making the tattoo or into relating process.

  • Keep the benches cleaned between each client and/or a clean covering placed over the treatment surface.
  • Avoid cross contamination by storing liquids, creams and inks in single use containers.
  • Open the packaging of products just prior to starting the process.
  • Handle everything with disposable gloves
  • Wash your hand with antiseptic soap before and after making a tattoo
  • Wash your equipment with antiseptic lotion and let them dry
  • Apply Dr.Numb® numbing cream on your client’s skin if he is not comfortable with pain.

So, these are the basic steps to ensure hygiene and safety at your tattoo shop to protect your client from injury and infection. Apart from that, the good hygienic practices will always add to your client numbers.