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Small Wrist Tattoos; Tips & Ideas For Tattoo Designs

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Dec 19th

Small Wrist Tattoos; Tips & Ideas For Tattoo Designs

A small wrist tattoos are greatly prominent these days for both- male and female tat lovers. These can be credited to a few reasons, which we will talk about in this article. Also, we will be looking at tattoo designs and ideas for your wrist that you can travel around.

Wrist Tattoo Designs

If you are designing on getting a tattoo, but are uncertain what you need to get inked, then don't stress. Many tattoo artists have books loaded with designs to look over. If for only that, the books are an awesome place to go for an idea.

Choosing what design you need isn't the main choice you should make. You even need to choose where on your body you need the tattoo and furthermore, what colors you need the artist to use. One of the most well known areas is a wrist tattoo design.

If you have chosen to get a wrist tattoo design, there are a couple of things that you ought to know about before completing it:

  • Tattoos can be of little pain, no matter which part of the body it is. But, the wrist area is quite painful as compared to other areas. This is mainly because there is less thickness on your wrist as compared to different areas. On the other hand, they are normally small wrist tattoos, and don't take much time; but, the procedure is painful.
  • The healing time is longer than other areas of the body. The reason behind this is because your wrists are more uncovered than other parts. The healing time can really be increased by two weeks or more.
  • You may wind up expecting to complete touch up work regularly. Like I specified before your wrist is more uncovered, and in this manner, will blur faster. When blurring begins, it is prescribed to get it touched up to keep it looking great. The more uncovered the area, the quicker it will blur.
  • Having wrist tattoo designs is simple to hide. Having a tattoo in this area means you can hide it with a long shirt, watch or arm ornaments. In this way, whatever your activity is you won't get in a bad position for having an obvious tattoo.
  • The cost of a wrist tattoo design is significantly more affordable than other tattoos. This is because the design as well as the tattoo is smaller, which holds the cost down. For the most part, the bigger the tattoo and more bright it is, the more it will cost you. Normally with wrist tattoos, you just have a few different colors.

Small Wrist tattoos for Women

Ladies love this tattoo theme since they can include ladylike and cute designs. Top picks like flowers, butterflies, stars would look great. Lettering tattoos, normally the single word type, are truly well known these days and everyone has their own particular manner of putting their unique touch to it. Obviously, if one needs to get truly individual, there is dependably the zodiac sign glyph or symbol to go for.

Remember the armlet kind of wrist tats wherein you can have the design wrap around the entire area. You can likewise mimic rosary beads or a bracelet as your permanent accessory around your wrist.

Small Wrist tattoos for Men

Men favoured this tat theme as its capacity to express a strong statement instead of the small design. Obviously, men go for the manly kind of tattoo art like nautical stars or crosses. The nautical star can be an imagery as their guide for finding their objectives and goals in life. Crosses are great to express their spiritual belief. Men even like to pick the classic ones like Celtic art and tribal design for their wrist tattoos.

When it boils down to getting small wrist tattoos, it is best to go for easy and not-so-confusing design to boost its aesthetic interest. In addition, go for tattoo art that communicates an intense and strong statement that you have faith in.


Wrist tattoos are modest and should be possible in a short span. Since, the wrist is a small body canvas, the picture rendered in this area of the body is normally on a smaller than expected scale. So, it will cost you less cash when contrasted with getting tremendous designs. In addition, it will require less time so you don't have to wait for quite a long time in the tattoo studio.

Before you know it, you will be up and running in a few hours prepared to display your new tattoo. There is simply something popular and cool about this kind of tat that even superstars like Rhianna and Kate Perry are brandishing one.


With regards to cons, there are two factors that you have to look at.

Above all else, the wrist is a painful part of the body to get inked since there are less tissues around there to pat the skin during the inking procedure. Another impediment is the way that it may be harder to disguise when you contrast it with other shrouded body parts.

In any case, as most tattoo lovers say, the pain is unbearable and it will be justified, despite all the trouble, at last, if it’s a design that you truly adore. In order to hide it, you can just wear long-sleeve shirts or finish or cover it with wrist groups or stout wrist trinkets.


Whatever your reason is for getting a tattoo, having one is an awesome idea. Tattoos are a declaration of yourself and the area of your body is similarly as important as the design that you get. There are a few areas, where you can just have a small tattoo and they will look right.

If you are searching for a small tattoo, then a wrist tattoo design is certainly the approach. There are myriad designs that look truly awesome. A couple of recommendations would be Celtic wrist tattoos, tribal wrist tattoos or flower wrist tattoos.