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No Tattoo Regret! Things You Can Do To Be Happy with Your Tattoos

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Mar 14th

No Tattoo Regret! Things You Can Do To Be Happy with Your Tattoos

Surely, you don’t want to end up with tattoo regret. Well, you have to consider several things before and after getting a tattoo.

Tattoos are the popular body art in the USA with 29% of population having at least one tattoo. Every year, only $1,650,500,000 is spent on the tattoos.

However, it can’t be denied that 23% people have a tattoo regret citing getting tattoo at young age as the key reason. If it is your very first time to get a tattoo, you don’t want to end up in the list of these 23% disappointed people.

Therefore, it is a nice and wise idea to think before getting tattoo and take care after getting. How? Read below:

Look for a Right Tattoo Studio:

This is the first and the important step to get a tattoo of right quality, good design. Tattoo artists are everywhere, but finding the right one is a bit challenging. So, keep these things in mind while looking for a tattoo artist:

  • Ask for portfolio to get an idea of his designs
  • Avoid a studio that is much cheaper, as it may cut corners somewhere by using inferior products
  • Check the environment inside. Is it hygienic?
  • Do they provide aftercare tips?
  • Check If the studio or artist is certified or licensed

Decide Your Tattoo Placement:

Where you want to get the tattoo? Is it on the rib, shoulder, biceps or forearm? However, many tattoo artists believe that it should be on the areas where a tattoo can be easily done. Besides, you can think about the areas which are least painful.

Know Your Taste:

Choose the tattoo design of your taste rather than following the trends blindly. Let your tattoo artist know about your favorite designs or you can choose from the portfolio. Again, choose the designs that appeal you most.

Get Ready to Pay More for a Beautiful Design:

You have to spend a bit more to get big and attractive tattoo design. However, sometime a simple tattoo design is expensive due to artistic excellence, shading and experience.

Avoid getting tattoo from a cheaper studio as they may use inferior ink and worn out needles to make profit.

Avoid Getting Tattoo Immediate Before Your Beach Vacation:

This is because you need to save your tattoo from water and sun exposure which are in excess in the beach. Pool chemicals and ocean bacteria can affect your tattoo’s healing process so as the excessive sun exposure. Therefore, it makes sense to wait for few weeks for your beach vacation.

Take Aftercare Instructions Seriously:

Technically, a tattoo is a fresh wound, requiring you follow the aftercare instructions to avoid infection and other complications. Follow your artist’s guidelines regarding washing, drying and application of moisturizer. Don’t cover your tattoo with a plastic wrap. Whatever your tattoo artist suggests, make sure to AVOID these things:

  • Scratching or picking at your tattoo
  • Soaking the tattoo for longer
  • Overexposure to sunlight
  • Wearing tight fitting clothes that can stick with the tattoo