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Dry Healing Tattoos or Wrap Healing Tattoos: Which is the Best?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Feb 14th

Dry Healing Tattoos or Wrap Healing Tattoos: Which is the Best?

Healing is the most important phase after getting your tattoo. Going through the tattoo healing process means you need to avoid certain things causing infection or hurting. Remember, your tattoo is like a fresh wound for several days.

Tattoo artists promote tattoo healing in two ways: Wrap Healing and Dry Healing. Surprisingly, every tattoo artist holds different view on these two forms of tattoo healing.

Therefore, it is important to review each of them for getting the better look on both these.

So, let start from dry healing tattoos first.


  • After getting done with a tattoo, an artist will secure it with a bandage. You need to keep that bandage for 1-2 hours. After bandage removal, clean your tattoo with warm water and gentle antibacterial cleanser. Pat it with a towel and let it air dry.
  • Keep your tattoo open throughout the day, except before going to the bed. Make sure the tattooed skin is completely dry before you rewrap.

Rewrapping your tattoo during the first three days is crucial as the skin is developed with pus and lymph in earlier stages. The pus out from the skin sticks to your sheet and skin as well, making it messy, itchy and irritating. This is why you must change the wrapping of your tattoo for the first three nights.

  • Don’t forget to use a mild moisturizer during a day time. But stop applying ointment when your tattoo is in peeling phase. Avoid using ointment even if there are bubbles or scabs popping out.
  • Avoid taking hot tub bath and swimming in lake or pool for some days as the chemical in water can infect your tattoo wound. Apart from that, you must not expose your tattooed skin to sunlight and dirt.


Wrap healing tattoos are identical to dry healing tattoos but with some differences. It is generally ideal for larger tattoos.

  • Wait for at least 3 hours before removing your bandage. Get your tattoo cleaned with gentle antibacterial soap and water. Keep your tattoo in an open air till it gets dried.
  • Use plastic wrap to cover your tattoo. Avoid using moisturizer or lotion then.
  • Keep your tattoos washing every four to six hours.
  • Stop wrapping once your skin is marked with peeling.

These are the two tattoo healing processes widely used by the artists. However, you would like to know which one is better for you. But it takes lot of considerations including skin condition, tattoo size, age and skin tone before being settled on any one.