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Cool Facts You Probably Know About Tattoos

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 26th

Cool Facts You Probably Know About Tattoos

Here we have rounded up some facts about tattooing you probably know.

Tattoos have been extremely popular among Americans. They have come a long way to be a popular mainstream style. Therefore, it is obvious that tattoos must have interesting facts like other popular trends. Some are common while some are lesser known. Here we will focus on the latter facts (lesser known facts).

For example, how many people in the USA have tattoos or why one shop charges differ for the same tattoo? Then, it would be interesting to know that your skin is pierced for thousand times during tattooing.

Let’s take a dive into such interesting facts about tattooing.

45 Million Americans Have at Least One Tattoo:

Tattoos have become the part of mainstream style. From artistic expression, cultural recognition, group identification to being a rebel, there are many reasons why Americans ink their skin.

According to one report, nearly 40% people, who belong to the age group of 26-40, have at least one tattoo. The people who get tattoos in the starting years of their adulthood are 14%. The Harris Poll has found interesting reasons why people get tattoo. 33% of their inked respondents said that tattoo has made them feel attractive. And 13% revealed that their tattoo made them feel more intelligent while people who said that tattoos made them feel employable and healthy are 10% and 9% respectively.

Tattoos Also Come with Regret:

Here is a trade-off. 23% tattooed people say that they have regret of having tattoo. For example, some said that they were too young when they got the tattoo. Some said that tattoos fit their lifestyle or personality changes no more. Some said that they hate their partner’s name after break up. Poorly done tattoos also add to the people’s tattoo regret.

This is why the methods of tattoo removal, particularly with lasers, are on the rise and people are ready for paying hefty amount to get rid of the tattoos. Women are more opting for tattoo removals as they make up 72.7 percent of the procedures.

Tattoos in the Workplace:

Over the years, many businesses have been getting liberal towards tattooing. But the numbers of businesses that like tattoos are not that encouraging. Most employers still believe that tattoos look unprofessional or it is something associated with rebels and criminals. On the top of that, they assume that tattoo can cause distractions. Some of the tattoo friendly industries are healthcare, law firms, financial institutions, educational institutions and hotels. However, all of them expect hotel require their employees to cover their tattoos.

Tattoo Can Lead to Skin Allergies:

Tattoos are also associated with skin allergies. This risk occurs when tattooing is done without precautions or person doesn’t take care of his tattoo. In some cases, allergies like rashes or scars can occur years after the tattoo.

Your Skin is Pierced between 50 and 3,000 Times Per Minute in the Process:

Tattoos are made using a needle gun, which pierces your skin’s upper layer to fill the ink. Your skin can be pierced anywhere between 50 and 3,000 times per minute in the process. This is why tattoos are not a breeze for people with low pain threshold. You can use Dr.Numb® numbing cream to dull the pain while getting a tattoo.

A Cost of Tattoos is Determined by Several Factors:

The prices of the tattoos vary based on the size, complexity, color, detailing and expertise of an artist. Then, delaying the work in the middle of the process also adds to the cost. In simple words, you have to pay more for a detailed and gorgeous piece of tattoo. For example, a tattoo artist charges $30 for a little heart tattoo or phrase. This rate will go lower if the artist is new. On the other hand, a huge Samoan tattoo will cost you between $160 and $200 from an experienced artist.

Pain Level Varies in Tattooing:

Not all tattoos are painful. The pain level is determined by the part you are getting them over. For example, tattoos on the fleshy parts like thigh, chest, outer shoulder, and inner part of the wrist won’t be that painful due to the abundance of the flesh, which acts are the cushion for the striking of a needle.

What Tattoo Ink is Made Of?

Tattoo ink is derived from titanium dioxide, nickel, chromium, lead, iron oxides, carbon black and other ingredients. Some of these ingredients are of industrial grade and used in vehicle paint. California laws require the tattoo artists to warn their clients that the contents of tattoo ink may lead to several health hazards like cancer and birth defects. Luckily, there is a non-toxic version of tattoo ink types made from carbon, logwood, sodium aluminum and carbazole.

You must be amazed after going through this interesting and less known information about tattoos.