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6 Reasons You’re Going To Regret That New Tattoo

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 16th

6 Reasons You’re Going To Regret That New Tattoo

Regardless of the fact that tattoos become popular, this process of ink can make you remorseful. As per a survey, 78 percent regret at least one of their tattoos.

So if you tattoos appear to be an awesome way to express yourself, you cannot ignore the other side of the coin. But you also need to know that it completely depends on your choice of tattoo and its placement for how it appears later. For instance, if all of your tattoos refer to a partner, you’re surely going to regret them.

“I was in college when I met Karen. We were good friends earlier, and gradually we went for a relationship. On her 18th birthday, I decided to surprise her. So I got a ‘Karen’ tattoo inked. Though it was the most beautiful thing at that time, today I regret the same. We are no more together. After two years we got separated due to some reasons. I am planning to get a laser tattoo removal done.”

~Smith, 23

It is not about Smith merely. There are several people who get a done tattoo on a whim, without putting much thought into it. And the conclusion is same; they end up regretting the tattoo later on. The problem is turning more common than ever.

Plus, there are many other reasons why getting inked can be a wrong decision. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Making it too early

Are you somewhere between the age of 18 and 21? There are chances of making the biggest mistake during this period. Reason being, you are currently at a tender age and have to experience so many changes. Around 37 percent of people who regret their tattoos got inked between the same age group. It is better you take some time and wait for turning at least 26. By that time you will be able to take a wise decision and chances for regretting your tattoo will reduce.

Getting it on a whim

Tattoos are loved for several reasons. While some wish to express their freedom using ink, and then there are others who get it for a voguish statement. Whatever the reason is, don’t ever get it on a whim. Reason being 30 percent of regretted tattoos are the result of spur-of-the-moment decisions. So longer you wait, a few days or weeks, the less likely you regret your choice.

Getting a tattoo on your bicep

When it comes to the most common location of an unwanted tat, it is on a bicep. Do you know 24 percent of men who regret their tattoos cited their bicep as the location? The list is followed by calves and shoulders, coming second and third respectively.

“I got a tattoo done on my right bicep and I thought that it would be kind of simple and abstract. However, after getting it done I realized that it actually looks like an army tattoo, with those sergeant stripes.” ~Ken

Trying something tribal

Please avoid these as far as possible. Tribal tats have been a trouble. With 21 percent of men experiencing regret due to their tribal design, it is something which has to be avoided. So don’t go for those tattoos with a face, a figure, or a Chinese character.

Choosing a design just like that

Remember, your tattoo idea shouldn’t be ‘Just Something You Like’. There are people who get tattoos which are linked with a family member or pet. And then they are likely to regret their choice. Life is unpredictable. You never know when you will be separated from them. And the whole of your life that tattoo will keep you reminding of them.

Overlooking the health factor

Even when you get the right design, location, and look of your tattoo, there are chances for you to eventually regret it for health reasons. In a study conducted in 2015, malignant skin cancer cells were found in the red portion of a man’s tattoo. It was stated that the man was probably having skin cancer, and then it was the tattoo needle which poked cancer.

In all, it can be said that you need to put a little more efforts before you get a tattoo. Make a thorough research for best artist, tattoo parlor, ink, and so on.

Now coming to those who are already dealing with tattoo regret, you still have some scope. Thanks to technology for advancements in laser therapy which can help you get rid of your unwanted ink. It is quite expensive and painful. While it is not a big deal to invest in something which gives you peace of mind, for the pain factor you can switch to Dr.Numb®.

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