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Top 10 Benefits of Using a Numbing Cream for Tattoo

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 30th

Top 10 Benefits of Using a Numbing Cream for Tattoo

Who would like to endure all the pain in each procedure, right? Who would opt to go the hard and painful way when you can do the easy and painless way? These are the reason why numbing creams are out in the market and when I say out, they’re out there like crazy. With those things, we give you 10 benefits of using numbing cream before having a tattoo done. Here’s the list:

10 Benefits of Using a Numbing Cream for Tattoo :

1. Getting the ink but not the pain - Of course we would love to have an ink done without us grimacing, crying or even screaming in terrible pain brought by the needle and the force applied into it. Nobody likes pain, well normally we don’t. This is the first benefit of using the numbing cream. You can have your desired outcome pain free

2. Ink within a Wink - Some tattoo sessions last longer than expected. The reason for this is that the person usually asks for a rest period especially if the placement is on the sensitive part. Swollen area is also a reason why people getting tattoos ask for rest period or sometimes, another schedule which will mean another payment to the artist. With the help of a numbing cream, tattoo session will be done easier and faster because you won’t need to take a rest from pain because it’s basically painless.

3. Find comfort in pain - We hate pain. We avoid pain. With the help of a numbing cream, you’ll feel the comfort in pain. Bring it on!

4. Get the tattoos done wherever you like - One of the first things we consider before getting a tattoo is the placement. We take into consideration the degree of pain that you’ll feel in a certain area. With a numbing cream, you can choose wherever you want to have you tattoo without thinking about how painful it’s going to be.

5. Worry no more - People usually think that numbing creams could affect the quality of the ink or even the healing time. This is not true. There are numbing creams out there which are water based so after the session and after the effect wears off no mark of chemicals will be left on.

6. No feelings for hours - Tattoo sessions especially the big ones last for several hours. One good thing about numbing creams is that the effect could last for a maximum 3-4 hours depending on your skin type. In that case, you won’t be vulnerable for hours.

7. Gives the artist the concentration - Tattoo artists in normal situation consider not only their job which is tattooing but also how their customers are feeling. Some artists are getting distracted by the fact that their customers are crying and screaming in pain. With the help of the numbing cream it will no longer be a problem. They will be more focused on the tattooing and giving you your best ink.

8. Confidence level up - We’d love to have tattoos in our body but we lack the confidence. We have a lot of fears. With numbing creams all of the worries and what ifs are going to be eradicated.

9. Tattoo at its best - We never thought of tattooing as an easy thing but now it changed. Tattoo is one good way of expressing yourself. Good news is that it will no longer be that painful. You can truly see the beauty of this work of art.

10. Unleash the goddess in you - The beauty of your tattoo will depend on how you feel about it. Feel free to choose the design, the placement and the time frame or the duration of your session. Enjoy quality tattoo in comfort.

The above listed are the benefits you may get having a tattoo done with the aid of a numbing cream. Easy, breezy and amazing experience guaranteed!