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Do Guys Like Tongue Piercings: 7 Reasons [Must Know]

7 reasons guys prefer tongue piercings & 9 impacts
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Men were more likely than women to get midline tongue piercings associated with punk culture. Nowadays, it has become less popular among men. While some view them as inappropriate or promiscuous, others find them attractive.

Reasons behind these attitudes include association with oral sex and societal norms. Ultimately, whether guys like tongue piercings depends on preference. Getting one should be based on choice, not societal standards.

In this blog post, we will explore whether guys like tongue piercings, the reasons guys might like and not like tongue piercings, and the effects of tongue piercings on relationships.

Do Guys Like Tongue Piercings: 7 Reasons

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While some see tongue piercings simply as an aesthetic choice, others view it as a statement of their rebelliousness. Particularly among men, tongue piercings captivate attention and spark conversations. We will delve deeper into the reasons guys like tongue piercings.

Aesthetic Appeal and Personality

Young people, especially females, get tongue piercings to enhance their aesthetic appeal and stand out. Here are some reasons guys find tongue piercings aesthetic:

  • A tongue piercing can add an element of mystery and surprise to a person's personality. It showcases the bravery and boldness of the person getting the piercing.
  • Tongue piercings create a unique look that sets a person apart. It shows that people are not afraid to express themselves and their personality through appearance.
  • According to some research studies (Piercing Survey, 2016), guys can find tongue piercings sexy and alluring.This is because it adds an element of sensuality and intrigue to a person's personality.
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Perceived Adventurousness or Rebelliousness

Tongue piercings are often considered adventurous or rebellious. It shows that a person will take risks and is not afraid to explore new avenues. Tongue piercings may appeal to guys because:

  • A tongue piercing is not a common trend that is often seen, especially among females. Hence, it can signify going against societal norms,which can be fascinating for some guys.
  • Tongue piercings require a person to take that extra step and bear the pain. This showcases the daring side of a person, which can be admirable for some guys.

Influence of Pop Culture or Personal Idols

Another reason people get tongue piercings is because of the pop culture's power or their idol. Here are some reasons guys may find tongue piercings attractive due to pop culture influence:

  • Many pop icons, especially in the music industry,have sported tongue piercings, increasing the trend's popularity and making it attractive for some guys.
  • Tongue piercings are often seen as a symbol of freedom and uniqueness, which has been emphasized in several movies and TV shows. This portrayal has led to an increase in attraction towards the trend.

9 Reasons Guys Might Not Like Tongue Piercings

There are 9 reasons why guys might not like tongue piercings

As a woman, you might have considered getting a tongue piercing or already have one. You may wonder if guys like tongue piercings. The answer is complex, as everyone has their taste and preferences. Here are some reasons guys may dislike tongue piercings.

Concerns About Health and Safety

Some guys may have many concerns about the health and safety of tongue piercings. These concerns include:

  • The Risk of Infection: Tongue piercings create an open wound that can quickly become infected without proper care. Infection can lead to various health issues, including pain, swelling, and fever.
  • Damage to Teeth and Gums: The metal jewelry in tongue piercings can rub against teeth and gums, causing damage. This damage can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems.
  • Speech Difficulties: A pierced tongue may cause some guys to worry about their ability to speak clearly.

It is important to note that proper care and hygiene can minimize the risk of infection and damage. Some guys may hesitate to pursue a tongue piercing because of these concerns.

Personal Taste and Cultural Beliefs

Another reason some guys may not like tongue piercings is simply a matter of personal taste or cultural beliefs. Some cultures view body modifications as taboo or inappropriate, and people within those cultures may avoid piercings or other alterations out of respect for their traditions.

On a personal level, some guys may not find tongue piercings attractive or appealing. This can be because of various factors:

  • A preference for more subtle or natural-looking body modifications.
  • A belief that piercings are unprofessional or inappropriate in specific settings.
  • A general dislike or discomfort with piercing the tongue specifically.

It is important to remember that different people have different tastes, and there is no right or wrong answer for personal preferences.

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Communication and Intimacy

Some guys may have an ultimate concern about tongue piercings: the potential impact on communication and intimacy. Tongue piercings can affect various aspects of oral interaction, such as:

  • Kissing: The metal jewelry in a tongue piercing can create an uncomfortable or painful sensation during kissing. Partners may worry about accidentally catching the piercing with their teeth or tongue.
  • Oral sex: Tongue piercings can create new sensations during oral sex, but some guys may find them uncomfortable or distracting. The metal jewelry can increase the risk of injury to sensitive areas.
  • Speech: As mentioned previously, some guys may worry that a tongue piercing could affect their ability to speak clearly or be understood.

The impact on communication and intimacy will depend on the person and their partner's preferences. Some people may find that tongue piercings enhance their experiences, while others may find them a hindrance.

9 Impact of Tongue Piercings on Relationships

Many people choose to get them for various reasons, including aesthetic purposes, to express themselves, or as rebellion. While tongue piercings are a choice, they can affect romantic relationships. Here are some effects tongue piercings have on relationships.

Personal Experiences with Tongue Piercings in Relationships

Relationship Experiences with Tongue Piercings

The impact of tongue piercing on relationships varies from person to person. Here are some personal anecdotes and experiences related to tongue piercings and dating:

  • "I've had a tongue piercing for years, and I've found that it doesn't affect how people perceive me. Some people have been intrigued by it, while others haven't commented."
  • "My first date with someone with a tongue piercing was uncomfortable for me. I didn't enjoy kissing them as much as I would have without the piercing, and it was even painful‌."
  • "I've always found tongue piercings attractive, so when I met someone with one, I was immediately drawn to them. It didn't affect our relationship, but I enjoyed kissing them a little more because of it."

Potential Effects on Dating and Relationships

First impressions are crucial in any relationship, and tongue piercings can significantly influence them. Some outcomes that tongue piercings may have on dating and relationships:

  • Attraction: Some people find tongue piercings attractive, as they add a unique touch to a person's appearance. However, attraction is subjective, and not everyone may agree.
  • Stereotyping: Tongue piercings are often associated with rebellious behavior or a particular lifestyle. This stereotype may cause a person to make assumptions about someone with a tongue piercing, which could affect the relationship.
  • Communication: Tongue piercings may affect a person's speech, making it harder for them to communicate clearly. This may lead to frustration and misunderstandings in a relationship.
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Personal Anecdotes or Experiences

Everyone's experience with tongue piercings is unique, and here are a few personal stories from people with tongue piercings:

  • "I got my tongue pierced five years ago, and it's become an integral part of my identity. While some people have been put off by it, I've also received compliments and attention because of it. Overall, I think it's a choice, and it's up to your partner to accept it."
  • "I dated someone with a tongue piercing once, and it didn't bother me. However, we sometimes had trouble communicating, and I found it distracting. It didn't affect our relationship significantly, but it was something we had to work around."
  • "I got my tongue pierced when I was in college and thought it was cool. However, as I got older, I realized it wasn't as important to me as it used to be. I took it out, and it didn't affect my dating life."


Tongue piercings can be controversial, mainly because of male opinions. While some guys find it attractive, others may consider it too flashy or unconventional. Society's ever-changing perception of body modifications ultimately influences personal choices and preferences.

The influence of sociocultural norms should not be the only factor to consider when deciding to pierce one's tongue. Further research should investigate body modification's far-reaching implications and cultural significance in contemporary society.

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