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Worried For Laser Hair Removal Safety? Here Is What You Need To Know!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 11th

Worried For Laser Hair Removal Safety? Here Is What You Need To Know!

If you are worried about laser hair removal side effects, you are at the right place. Here you will find all the necessary details about the safety of this procedure. Read on.

Nowadays there are millions of people around the world undergoing laser hair removal process. Do you know it was among the top five nonsurgical procedures in 2016 with around  1,035,783 procedures done?

Are you too tired of those unwanted skin hair? Want to get rid of them in a more permanent way?

Definitely, laser serves you well for this cause. Besides of increasing trust in laser visit clinics and the process, there are chances that you might worry for side effects of laser hair removal. And that’s pretty obvious.

Before you go for any skin treatment, you must inquire about all the aspects deeply. As far as safety reasons are concerned, just like any other treatment laser hair removal does have its own set of risks. Of course, these aren’t so big to fear.

Yes, it’s generally safe

For those who are now tired of traditional hair removal methods, like shaving, threading, and waxing, will find laser hair removal much better. When conducted under a dermatologist’s guidance it offers amazing results. You need to ensure that the clinic you book is run by a qualified and trained expert.

The process works in a manner to prevent the follicles from growing new hair. So for most of the people, laser hair removal is safe. And there are long-term side effects linked with it. To add in right here, some temporary and minor side effects can occur. This might be immediately after the procedure or a few days later. But beyond that, there are no such claims stating toward long-term side effects.

What are the minor side effects associated with laser hair removal?

As you already know that this process makes use of small and high-heat lasers, it can cause some temporary side effects like:

1. Redness and irritation: Hair removal using a laser device can cause temporary irritation. So if you notice slight redness and swelling in or around the area treated, don’t panic. These effects are minor and probably go away with time. And these are quite common with other types of hair removal methods such as waxing.

What to do?

As far as irritation or itching is concerned, ask your dermatologist to apply a topical anesthetic beforehand to minimize these effects. Else you can buy Dr.Numb® online and keep safe. Being a lidocaine based process it works effectively in minimizing pain and itching. You can apply it 45 minutes before your dermatologist start. It works by blocking the pain signals. Hence, its application will make your skin numb for somewhere around three to four hours.

To overcome irritation you can also try applying ice packs. It will be helpful in the reduction of swelling and any pain. In case, you experience symptoms beyond slight irritation, you should call your doctor.

2. Pigmentation changes: There are changes that after a laser treatment you will ay notice slightly darker or lighter skin. Usually, people with light skin are more likely to have darker spots after hair removal. And the opposite is true for people with dark skin. They may encounter lighter spots from the procedure. Similar to the above-stated effects, even these changes are temporary.

Are there are severe side effects?

To keep an honest answer, these can exist but are very rare. Your risk increases only if you are using a home laser kits or you choose a provider who is not trained and certified. In short, there are some side effects of laser hair removal like:

  • Excessive hair growth: It is hardly found. In such as case, this is mistaken for hair shedding after the procedure.
  • Blisters and skin crusting: For those who spend more time in the sun are prone to such problems.
  • Changed skin texture: If you have tanned recently and choose to go for this method you may be at an increased risk of changed skin color.
  • Scarring: Are you someone with sensitive skin? It is most common in people who tend to scar easily.

These are extremely uncommon, but you must be aware of them in advance. If you encounter any of these, you must get in touch with your doctor.

Can a pregnant woman go for a laser hair removal?

As far as pregnancy is concerned, it is recommended not to go for this procedure during this period. There can be excessive hair in some areas like breasts and stomach during your pregnancy. However, the good thing is that in most of the cases hair will fall out on their own. You may not need any medical treatments.

Basically, there are no facts confirming the safety of laser hair treatments during pregnancy. So it is better to wait and avoid laser hair removal until your delivery time. In fact, your doctor might recommend you to wait even several weeks later.

Bottom line

In all, the laser hair removal is safe and effective. You must follow the basic precautions provided by your expert. For example, you should avoid getting it done near your eyes or during pregnancy. Plus, you must understand that it doesn’t guarantee permanent removal. There is a need to look in for some follow-up treatments.