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Witchy Tattoos And Their Meaning

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 17th

Witchy Tattoos And Their Meaning

Witchy tattoos look great and amazing. But it is essential to know the meaning to avoid tattoo regret.

Do you love gothic tattoos? If so, you can’t resist the charm of witchy tattoos. These tattoos, as the name implies, are inspired by the witchcraft, rituals and something spiritual. Some of the popular witchy tattoos are symbols, moon phases, planchette, and a broomstick. Witchy tattoos are adorable and stylish, despite the fact that they create an aura of fear and mystery. Are you going to the get the one?

It is important to know the meaning of these tattoos so that you know if they can go with your personality.

Here we have listed popular witchy tattoos along with their meaning.

Runes or symbols:

Ancient runes are an entire alphabet, with each of the symbol carrying a specific meaning. So, if you are getting a rune, be aware of its meaning. To make it a bit easier for you, below are some popular rune alphabets and their meaning.

Mannaz = the self
Gebo = partnership
Ansuz = signals
Othila = separation
Uruz = strength
Perth = initiation
Nauthiz = constraint
Inguz = fertility
Eihwaz = defense
Algiz = protection
Fehu = possessions
Wunjo = joy
Jera = harvest
Kano = opening
Teiwaz = warrior
Berkana = growth
Ehwaz = movement

You can explore the Internet to find the meaning of your favorite symbol.
Moon Phases:

Moon phases are also popular among the fans of witchcraft tattoos. But each phase of the moon carries a different meaning.

  • New Moon stands for new beginnings, positivity, and fresh starts.
  • Waxing Moon indicated towards growth, positivity, creation, and strength.
  • Full Moon denotes protection, achievement, wish fulfillment and harvest.
  • Waning Moon means a solution and releasing.
  • Dark moon signifies peace, rest, wisdom, and divination.

Therefore, you should choose the moon phase depending on what you are looking to achieve or what intention you want to fulfill.


Planchettes are known as talking board of witchcraft. They are believed as the medium of communication used by the spirits to make predictions to the users in the séance. For this, the spirit is said to move the planchette onto different letters and numbers. Being used as a fun or to kill the curiosity for ages, planchettes today have inspired some creative and colorful tattoos. They are interesting and mysterious at the same time. Some of the popular (yet mysterious) planchette tattoo designs are…

  • Spirit’s hand guiding the planchette
  • Skeleton playing Ouija
  • Don’t play planchette, it is dangerous
  • Demonic forces and Ouija board


Besides chanting hymns, casting spells requires a lot of time. Synching certain elements and repeating particular words are the best ways to make the spell true, but make sure you are well versed in it before trying hands.

The combination beyond crystal, sprigs of rosemary and marjoram, and a waxing crescent moon are an important tool for casting a positive spell. There are many tattoos depicting the spell casting equipment.


Broomstick is a trademark of the witches. During the middle ages, rye, plants, and grain were used to make bread. But these ingredients were prone to a fungus known as Ergot, which leads to hallucinations, sickness, and euphoria among the consumers. The broomstick was looked as an applicator of sorts to deal with the fungus effect. However, it had to be inserted rectally; thereby the use of broomstick came to an end. You can get broomstick tattoo on larger body parts.

Animal Skulls:

One of the popular objects of witchcraft is an animal skull, which is used for a variety of things like divination, spell casting, and sacrifices. The skulls are also used in spell casting to pull the energies of the animal and to invite its spirit into the workings. As far as their aesthetic appeal concerns, animal skulls are said to be used by witches for a decoration of their designated working area. Animal skull tattoos look amazing and awesome, despite their “gothic” appearance. This kind of tattoo can be created in many ways. Plus, you have a variety of placement options for animal skulls, from the shoulder, arms, full back to the thigh.


Pentacle is largely associated with a pentagram and something evil. Contrary to the popular belief, a pentacle is a thing beyond dark magic. In fact, it is used for protection and warding off evil. Pentagram is comprised of a five-pointed star enclosed by a circle—four points represent the four elements while the fifth represents one’s self.

Triple Goddess:

Although you may have seen the triple goddess tattoo many times, you rarely know the meaning behind it. The symbol denotes 3 phases of the moon, and the 3 phases that women face in their life: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Generally, it stands for femininity and mystery. Each life phase is represented by a Greek Goddess. Maiden phase is associated with Persephone, the goddess of purity and new beginnings. Mother phase denotes to Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, delivering life and giving. The Crone phase is linked with the goddess Hecate, representing wisdom, power, witchcraft, and fulfillment.

Tarot Cards:

These simple playing cards are said to predict the future. Each card means something different, and the combination of certain cards deciphers a whole new meaning. They are used by a tarot card reader.

So, you must have understood the meaning of witchy tattoos. Before heading straight to the tattoo parlor to get the one, make sure to keep the following points in mind…

  • Choose the tattoo according to your taste
  • Consider a least painful body part for tattooing, if it’s a first time
  • Choose a right tattoo artist
  • Use a numbing cream to dull your skin for tattooing so that you don’t feel pain and sensation
  • Follow the aftercare instructions