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Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 28th


For those dealing with a migraine might be wondering what Daith piercing has to do with their treatment. Here are answers to all your questions.

Do you know in USA 37 million people suffer from migraines?

The number seems to be scary, right? Migraines are inconvenient and one might have to go to great lengths to tame. As the problem tends to be more complex, the doctors aren’t still 100% sure what happens to the brain and body during an attack. In fact, there are not many reports stating how to stop or prevent it from happening.

Coming to the most effective migraine management tools, the list includes stress-relief, cognitive behavioral therapy, and diet changes. And ever since the problem has been detected, mankind has searched for solutions to this physical condition. One of the newer and more unusual methods is daith piercing.

Yes, you read it right Daith Piercing is said to cure a migraine. Let’s find out more details about the effectiveness of this type of body modification against chronic headaches.


Before you dig in about how this piercing is connected with pain treatment, it is vital to understand how it is done. Being located in the inner cartilage section of the ear, this piercing runs through a pressure point. It is best to get these done at tattoo and piercing shops.

It’s not new…

Yes, daith piercings aren’t a new form of piercing as the idea is said to exist somewhere for around 3,000 years. However, the name was only coined in the 1990s. It is said to have a symbolic meaning due to their location at the entrance to the ear canal. Being a captive style ring, these have a round bead soldered to the metal hoop.

Now, these are done worldwide for a number of reasons. Among these, the treatment of migraine pain is certainly one. And patients, who have had the piercings, claim to have seen an improvement in the intensity of their headaches.

It resembles acupuncture…

The basic principle is that the piercing mimics acupuncture. As it hits the pressure point, it will relieve the pressure in the patient’s head. Hence, having it done on the same side as most migraines occur, is said to help reduce the incidence of migraines in the area.

Application of acupuncture technique for migraines has a much longer history of reliability. For many years, the acupuncturists have been using the process to treat headaches by inserting fine needles into particular points on the body. It is then said to stimulate them manually or electrically, which further causes the blood vessels around the needle to dilate. This further increases the blood flow to the tissues.

This means, if you are curious to see if your daith could influence your migraines, it is first advised to try acupuncture first. In this case, an acupuncturist can place a stud on the pressure point on your daith, which you can wear for a few weeks to gauge the effect.


You can relate this to BOTOX treatment. Just as the effect Botox was found on migraine headaches accidentally, it’s possible that the theory of daith piercings turns out to be true. While the former treatment was found to help relieve the pressure that caused migraines, by paralyzing the muscles, the effect of daith piercings on migraines has not been officially studied. Hence, for this moment it’s difficult to determine whether there’s any truth to the claims or not.

But if you decided to go ahead and get a daith piercing, you can go for it. It offers you a voguish appearance, and it might work for your pain.


Basically, it is done using a straight needle which is passed directly through the center of the cartilage. Later, a ring is inserted which appears to be coming directly out of the ear canal. Just like any other piercing, it can be extremely painful. Reason being, it takes longer to get the needle through the body than some other piercings do. Hence, you can expect more pain when you’re in the chair.

Despite of being more painful than other types of piercing, it is essential to now that it may be worth bearing if it gives you any migraine relief. As migraine sufferers know how excruciating headaches can be.

And the best part is that now you can make it painless!

Yes, you read it right. You can make daith piercing pain-free using NumbSkin cream 45 minutes prior to your session. Being a topical anesthetic, it will block the pain signals and make it comfortable for you. It comes with 5% lidocaine and is FDA approved. So, now you have an escape from piercing discomfort.

In all, there is no harm in getting a daith piercing. While it helps you stay voguish, it might work for your migraine pain.