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Who Should go for Hair imitation or Scalp Micropigmentation?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 12th

Who Should go for Hair imitation or Scalp Micropigmentation?

Hair loss is something none of us can take with a good heart. It pinches to see hair breaking and falling on the floor each time you bathe or comb the hair. And hair loss is a common phenomenon in both men and women. When thinning of hair begins, depression sinks in. This happens mainly because of our attachment to the hair. The stigma attached to premature hair shedding is really strong in women as compared to men.

With the advent of technology, hair loss has become a less important issue. People have found alternative hair treatment processes, including scalp micro-pigmentation, which are in some way trying to retrieve the losing hair or at least build on the head to visually appear as the real hair.

What is scalp micro-pigmentation?

Scalp Micro-pigmentation, or SMP as it is better known, is really an art of placing small pigments on the upper dermis of the scalp. Each pigment deposit is placed to replace one shaven hair follicle. A skilled scalp aesthetics artist combines thousands of pigment deposits replacing the missing hair follicles and strands to give your hair a significant visual density.

Since scalp micro-pigmentation is an easy and painless procedure, it is seen as an alternative aesthetic solution for biological hair loss problems including hair thinning and baldness. The idea of scalp micro-pigmentation is to simulate tiny hair grown on a shaved scalp. The problem areas of the head are treated with pigment deposits to virtually recreate the area with hair that are almost identical to the original.

In addition to being an effective solution to hair loss treatment, scalp micro-pigmentation is also a value consideration method for masking various scalp defects such as scars, skin patching or burn marks etc. Also the treatment is considered ideal for both men and women with losing hair.

Who should go for it?

Scalp pigmentation is an ideal process to rectify and visually correct a lot of hair issues. If you are facing hair thinning or baldness SMP can be a method worth trying. SMP can visually correct these following hair problems.

  • Partial hair loss (diffuse alopecia or androgenetic alopecia)
  • Complete loss of hair (Alopecia totalis)
  • Post hair treatment or surgical scars on the scalp

How is it done?

Scalp micro-pigmentation has helped people of all ages from around the world to have a dignified, well groomed and youthful appearance regardless of the type of hair loss they experienced.

Since the treatment requires the missing follicles to be replaced with pigment deposits, the aesthetics artist would require you to shave the head completely. Before the hair on the head is shaved off, experts with analyze the natural pigmentation of your hair and their follicles and they create a matching pigment to give a realistic appearance to the hair replacement.

The process

Generally speaking, scalp micro-pigmentation is pretty similar to getting tattooed. Though in SMP, special needles are used to induce pigment to a slight depth in the scalp dermis. In the process the customized pigment dye with micro dots is implanted into the top layer of the scalp, each dot replacing the missing follicles on the shaved scalp. Once the process is complete and all missing follicles are filled with pigment dye, the scalp gives illusion of uniform hair.


The time required in the process depends largely on the type of hair loss to be treated. But the process takes an average of one to three hours. Post process, the scalp heals completely in 4 weeks.