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Where Does Korean Skincare Fit Into the Natural Beauty Scope?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 9th

Where Does Korean Skincare Fit Into the Natural Beauty Scope?

The consensus for Korean skincare is overwhelming and compelling, the skincare routine deep-rooted with 10-step a skin care regime offers a radioactively dewy complexions that every female die for. South Korea becoming an ideal market in relation to beauty products has everything to supply when it comes to reasonable priced merchandise. The renowned Korean 10-step regime in comparison to daily routines include more steps, as they believe in personalization, each routine is designed to fit according to skin needs, whether it is a four-step routine or a 15-step routine, they all rightly fits to your lifestyle.

Natural Beauty Scope :

Already infiltrated the western kingdom, the expectations and desire for natural or transparency of origin in their beauty product, do not be afraid of trying Korean Beauty brands- they offer natural beauty that goes way beyond the usual belief. As per Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, founders of Glow Recipe- an e-commerce beauty site that curate the best natural beauty products coming from Korea, the Korean skincare and makeup are all about enhancing natural beauty rather than covering imperfections. Koreans love using natural ingredients and are persistently looking for skincare formulations with natural ingredients. Offering effective result, rather than drastic transformation, they believe in promoting youthful healthy glowing skin but with the help of ingredients available in nature.

Yes, but this is also true that in Korean beauty products you will never find the words like “natural” or “organic” as they are usually fabricated with their own unique and specific ways. Mostly referring their products as “zero water,” Korean products are not dilutes or watered , so as to maintain right amount of fillers and maintain higher amount of natural ingredients.

Fermentation being a popular skin care formulation process in their beauty regime, it is mostly inspired by the Korean cuisine that include many fermented dishes like kimchi, soybean paste. In fermentation, the ingredients are break down into micro particles, which help in creating a deeper and more efficient absorption into skin, rather than surfacing on the skin. It also diminishes the use of artificial preservative, making them more natural and efficient for skin.

Sourcing their product locally, Jeju Island in South Korea is a veritable Garden of Eden in relation with ingredients sourcing. There are many brands, which particularly source ingredients from Jeju and one Korean Beauty Brand, Blossom Jeju, makes its entire product from the island natural materials.

There advancement in the formulation process is known for their ability to create incredible textures. They have powders that turn into liquid without water, solids that melt instantly into an oil touch and liquids that turn into fibrous and solid pieces, to enhance user experience, thus making a different niche in beauty product marker.

For those who assume Korean Beauty products as underdog, the number one moisturizer in the entire prestige market of Korean is from Belif, a brand that strictly uses herbal ingredients in its formulations. While many believe in using beauty product with natural ingredients with the fear of irritation or to avoid long term adverse effect of synthetics, Korean ladies go for natural ingredients because they want to fulfill their beauty desires by buying products that are made harsh-free way.

According to Sarah and Christine, Korean women are the most sophisticated and demanding customer when it comes to skin care. Their high-knowledge about what they are using on their skin, make them the difficult to convince consumers, who not only helped in evolving the Korean Betty product market, as with change in time more and more women are demanding natural products that apart from care to skin offer better and effective results.