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What type of permanent cosmetic procedures can be done?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Mar 1st

What type of permanent cosmetic procedures can be done?

Permanent makeup or permanent cosmetic is one of the fastest growing trends in beauty industry. This is generally because women globally are finding it better to toss their pencils and that everyday frustration of drawing even lines over the eyebrows and lips for permanent eyebrows and permanently colored lips.

Permanent cosmetic tattooing is for anyone with faint eyebrows or no eyebrows, for anyone with inconsistent lip line or lip color. Permanent makeup is also being used to hide scars, apply eyeliner or even for improving nipple appearance post breast reconstruction surgeries.

Permanent makeup is kind of micro-pigmentation, which is very similar to tattooing. The cosmetic procedure involves a needle to be used to place pigmented color granules under the upper layer of the skin. The process if carried out by a skilled person, it is generally safe. But there are many unqualified and unprofessional people using needles for permanent makeup. You must avoid such wannabes.

When you want to go for a permanent cosmetic, you must look for a tattoo artist who has a good name in the market. Check the artist’s credentials carefully and verify his/her work with former clients (who have had good or bad experience with the artist). It is important to work with a licensed artist who can be recommended by a cosmetic surgeon, this will ensure you have a safe and infection free cosmetic transformation.

Types of Permanent Makeup

People generally prefer permanent makeup for eyebrows, lips, cheeks and of course the eyelids. Out of these, eyebrow cosmetic is the most common. This is since people tend to lose their eyebrows because of hair loss or aging.

People would suggest applying eyebrows as a solution. Applying eyebrows on a daily basis for someone with partial or no hair can be a hassle, moreover, it can easily smudge, which is not a good sign when you are in a party or a meeting.

Eyebrow permanent makeup can be of two types – partial pigment application if some part of the hair is missing or a full color if the eyebrow is missing all together.

Permanent eyeliners are very popular amid females who have had enough of applying eyeliners every day. For permanent eyeliner it is important to seek a professional artist as applying those steady lines to highlight your eyes may not be everyone’s task.

Eyeliners again can be of two types – light line for a permanent subtle look or a fine thick line for more defined and dramatic look.

Then there are people with dry and faded color lips. Permanent makeup can be a boon for such people who want more color on their lips or for females who want lip liner as a good base for the lipstick or lip color they apply on a daily basis.

Irrespective of the type of makeup procedure you go for, you will have to see the makeup technician for touchup and other procedures. This will ensure your color or lining is perfect and its exactly the way you wanted.