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What Mistakes To Avoid During Diy Brazilian Waxing

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 22nd

What Mistakes To Avoid During Diy Brazilian Waxing

With Brazilian wax becoming more popular than ever, it is important for you to know about major mistakes to avoid. Here is a complete list for you!

Is pubic hair becoming a problem?

Looking for a way to get rid of the same?

Then Brazilian body wax is certainly an option for you. As the summertime is already here, it becomes essential to make your body beach ready. And it is the Brazilian wax which can help you prepare for it.

Firstly, understand the point that having hair in the pubic region is completely normal. It happens to everyone, and you don’t need to fret over the same. And of course, there are many females who prefer to remove all that excess hair for aesthetic purposes.

In the recent years, Brazilian wax has gained immense popularity. One of the major reasons is that these can be highly helpful when you want to wear a tight-fitting bikini, during the summer time. Certainly, you don’t want any hair sticking out of the bikini. So, to save yourself from that unpleasant and embarrassing sight, you must consider wax.

Is Brazilian wax safe option?

Just like any other process, there are varying pros and cons of Brazilian waxing. However, there are certain preparations and precautions which must be taken in order to achieve the fullest and most satisfying treatment. For example, before undergoing a wax session, you have to be aware of the pain that this wax treatment can cause. You can compare it to plucking your eyebrows from their follicles. Yes, when the pubic hair is ripped from pubic area, it will pain.

Especially, your first Brazilian will be the most painful one. Hence, it is suggested that before getting waxed 'down there', you must know about the mistakes committed during the procedure. Here are listed the most common mistakes which have to be avoided for a comfortable experience.

Let’s have a look:

Ignoring the temperature: Whatever you try on your skin, the most important thing is to prevent it from burning. And it is one of the most common mistakes women tend to commit. Before you apply wax, do check for the temperature. In case, it is too hot and you directly apply it to the skin, it can cause burn and bruises. As wax heats up quickly, there are chances that you end up burning yourself. Make sure you follow the instructions and the temperature is acceptable before you start the process.

Keep it multi-directional: Whenever you start with wax, ensure it is applied in one direction. At times, people use wax in all direction and it causes problems later. Plus, ensure to pull out the hair in one direction, i.e. opposite where the hair is growing. Actually, pulling it out against the grain will reduce the chances to have an ingrown hair.

Rushing it through: Never be in rush! Remember, you have to conduct the waxing slowly. Please do not rush as waxing takes a considerable amount of time. It is important to make sure that the small areas are done at each time. So, have sufficient time for the wax for most effective results. The key to success is doing a small area at a time.

Doing it before special occasions: Another common mistake is that women tend to wax just before special occasions. Whether it is about a party or a wedding celebration, if you wax just before the event, there are chances for the waxed area to be red. It can be a little more embarrassing. So, it is better to wax at least 2 days before any event. Hence, the area will have sufficient time to recover.

Ice to numb the area: Have you been following the myth- use ice to numb the area and it will become painless?

If yes, then it is the biggest mistake you have been doing. Obviously, Brazilian waxing is painful. But to minimize pain, the area is supposed to be dry and the pores open and relaxed. However, applying ice will shrink the pores and make hair removal to be more difficult. And this never means you cannot have painless waxing.

Yes, you can switch to a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. As this comes with 5% lidocaine, it is perfect to block the pain signals at the nerve ending. Hence, you will not feel any pain after its application. Being an FDA approved product, it is safe and can be used for all skin types.

Lastly, if you are going for doing it yourself waxing, i.e. you want to do it from the comfort of your own home, you must first take the assistance of an expert. This might appear to be an excellent way to save money and maintaining your privacy. But you cannot take the risk to do any harm to your sensitive skin, right?

So, if it is your first time, instead of doing it at home, make a booking at a spa or salon to get it done by a professional. They deliver the desired results and save time. Take a wise decision.

Do let us know your waxing stories through your comments!