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What Is The Difference Between Hives And Scabies?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Mar 25th

What Is The Difference Between Hives And Scabies?

Hives are caused when our immune system response to harmless substances that produce a continuous itching on the skin causing a rash. While, Scabies is an irresistible infection brought about by a parasite causing itch, which is undetectable to the stripped eye. It causes a skin rash with rigorous itching, mostly during night. Hives are taken care by staying away from the causative operators, whereas scabies are taken care by dealing with individual cleanliness and keeping away from contact with the tainted individual.

Hives and Scabies are the types of skin diseases, which are quite similar when it comes to symptoms. But still, when you go through a process of treatment under medical specialist, you’ll get to know the differences between these skin problems. Let’s start with meaning and then, differences.


Also, the Hives are known as Urticaria, which is a skin irritation which shows up as light red swollen bumps on the surface of skin. The purposes behind the occurrence of hives are an unfavorably susceptible response of anything or any kind of infection and even push. Itching, Burning, and sting like response are the regular symptom of this skin disease. Ordinarily, hives cure naturally or after a medical treatment. But, in genuine cases there could be some breathing issue which is risky.


Scabies is a skin disease which is brought on by an infinitesimal parasite called Sarcoptes Scabei. The normal side effects of scabies are rash, itching, and skin scraped area or wounds, however, in serious cases it shows up as crusted scabies. The extreme itching during the evening is an unmistakable indication of this ailment. Scabies are a spreading illness, even by minor skin-to-skin contact. Alternate methods for spreading this illness are swimming pool, garments, towel and bedding. The treatment of scabies includes distinctive types of sedated creams.

Causes Of Hives Vs. Scabies

Hives are a misrepresented reaction of the body's resistance to apparently non-toxic agents such as dust, creepy crawly chomps, animal dander, food items like shellfish and peanuts or certain medicine. While, Scabies is an irresistible condition brought on by a parasite called the 'itch bug'. It is imperceptible to our eye and it can survive for months in human beings.

Hives is a seasonal allergy, which happens the same time every year, because of dust from trees and grass noticeable all around. Hives can happen any place on the surface of the skin. This response of the body could be mellow and some of the time life risking. While, The bug makes burrows in the epidermis layer of human skin and lays eggs which bring forth and develops into grown-up bugs there. It spreads by getting in touch with animal and infected people, relatives.

Hives are not communicable, but the allergy that gets active through itching might be communicable. The infection gets more active during treatment, and microscopic organisms might go to someone else and cause hives. While, Whereas, Scabies is a communicable disease, which spreads through easygoing or sexual contact with an infected person, through sharing of garments or personal things of infected people such as razors.

Difference in Symptoms

Hives show up as a sudden skin rash which is light red, raised and greatly irritated. It might bring about blazing or stinging sensation. There may be a runny nose and sniffling also.

Indications of scabies are extreme, constant itching at night. Skin injuries are red and seem to be like a creepy crawly nibble, while the burrow of the parasite could possibly be obvious. It more often than not influences the folds of skin such as armpits, networks of fingers and toes, crotch, and so on.

Difference in investigations

Allergy testing can be done if there should arise an occurrence of Hives to discover the cause, however, it is not 100% more productive. Blood numbers may demonstrate lifted eosinophil numbers in hives. Whereas, Scabies is associated if one with your relatives is experiencing it. The signs and indications are adequate to raise the analysis. Skin scratching is done to affirm the analysis the parasite.

Difference in Treatment

When it comes to treating the hives, one can stop getting in contact with the causative agent. Just say no to strong/harsh soaps or cleansers, detergents and other synthetic agents. Taking an antihistamine tablet is fitting strictly when going to a medical specialist. One ought to see the specialist if symptoms didn’t improve in 2 weeks of home treatment or creates side effects like trouble in the breathing, wheezing, swelling of the tongue, chest pain or throat pain.

While, Scabies is taken consideration at home by looking after cleanliness, washing all garments, towels and bedding independently in warm water, keeping individual things separate and cutting your nails. Stay away from scratches. Antihistamines are utilized alongside Permethrin/Sulfur application on skin to slaughter the bug and its eggs.

The Above were the differences between hives and scabies, that gives you a clear picture about both. If you have any query or anything to share, do write to us in a comment below!