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What Is Permanent Tattoo Removal Method?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Apr 14th

What Is Permanent Tattoo Removal Method?

Tattoo art is known as a form of self-expression, allowing people to permanently ink their thoughts, beliefs or past life experiences. Tattoos are older than you think, but this body art has become more likeable among people nowadays. But what if you end up with a wrong or poor quality tattoo design? The lover whose name you flaunted in form of a permanent tattoo, dumped you? No matter what your reason is for tattoo removal, these days you can easily get the unwanted tattoo removed whenever you want.

Basically, permanent tattoos are not ‘permanent’ anymore. You can easily get unwanted tattoos removed. However, there is no easy way of removing the tattoo. It is going to hurt you and cost you. But the best thing will be that you’ll get rid of the unwanted permanent ink on your body. Now, stop thinking about the ways to hide your tattoo, when you can completely get rid of the unwanted ink. Here are some common permanent tattoo removal methods.

Laser Removal Process

Laser Removal therapy is the most common method to remove a tattoo. In this technique, powerful lasers break up the tattoo ink into miniature fragments, and further these fragments are dissolved by skin’s own immune system. The number of treatments may vary according to the age of the person, as well as size and color of your tattoo.

In some cases, tattoo can be removed in two to four visits, whereas some tattoo designs may require more than 10 sessions for complete removal. You should only consult a well-trained professional to evaluate your tattoo and accordingly advise you on the process.

Pro: Laser treatment is one of the best and safest ways to remove a tattoo. Plus, there are no chances of scarring on skin.

Cons: To remove black ink tattoos is easier as compared to colored tattoos. Especially, colors like red, green, etc. are difficult to remove. In some cases a shadow of your tattoo remains on your body, or even skin color gets light in that particular area. Moreover, tattoo removal with laser is more expensive that getting the tattoo done. This is because the lasers cost a lot more than pigments for your tattoo.

Cover Up

If you don’t want to spend your money on completely removing your tattoo, you can simply opt to alter its design to make it look like a new tattoo. Most popular celebrities are known for renewing their tattoo designs. This way you don’t even have to see the unwanted tattoo on your body, moreover you can make a refreshing style statement while flaunting your latest body art.

Pro: The best thing about this method is that you don’t have to spend as much as visiting a doctor for tattoo removal. It is just a cover up to hide the old tattoo.

Con: The cover up is not tattoo removal, so for those who are looking to completely remove the ink from their body- it’s not a good option.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

In Intense Pulsed Light Therapy or IPL, a gel is applied on the tattooed area and a wand emits pulses of high-intensity lights onto it. It’s similar to laser therapy, but not painful. This may require fewer sessions than laser tattoo removal. However, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that it may 100-percent burn your skin.


This method is like sandpapering away your tattoo from your skin. It requires abrasive friction for tattoo removal, but can really damage your skin by leaving unwanted scars. So, this one can be little risky for people as they have to try it themselves, using tattoo removal creams at home.

So, this was the list of ways to remove a permanent tattoo. So, decide yourself what will work the best for you.