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What Dermarolling is All About?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Feb 12th

What Dermarolling is All About?

How do you react when you get to know someone is enjoying rolling needles into their face? This would be shocking for those who are not aware of dermarollers. So, whether you know a little or are totally new to the dermarolling process, here is something interesting for you. Have a look.

What if someone says that they have permanently removed their under-eye bags? Yes, it is possible in today’s world. All due to dermarolling! This dermal process has gained amazing response and overwhelmingly positive response all across the world. Now want to get in on the action yourselves? Or want to try it out at home? Whatever you wish to do, it is highly recommended to first learn and understand the process beforehand.

So, now you can let things get rolling, and say ‘welcome’ to beautiful skin once again.

How dermarolling works?

Have you seen a derma-roller? In case, no, it is a simple tool which contains hundreds of tiny needles. When used on your skin, these needles cause micro-injuries to your skin, which in turn leads to collagen and elastin production. Basically, this is meant to overdrive to compensate as the skin heals, i.e. it then leaves you with better complexion, tighter and plumper skin.

Hence, this is one of the best methods for filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Then whether it is about thickening and plumping the skin the under the eyes or your lips, microneedling is an effective treatment. In fact, it is very useful for acne scars and discoloration.

How to select a dermaroller?

Firstly, it is recommended that you need to buy it from a trusted and reputed source. Even if you go for online purchase, make sure you pick it from a store which is verified. You will easily find high quality and still quite affordable rollers. Now, the next thing is that what needle size you need? Experts strongly advise that when trying at home, you don’t need to go above 0.3 mm at all. Anything thicker will put your skin at a higher risk of damaging skin.

Will it cause pain?

Saying that it is painless will be unfair. Yes, it causes pain when a needle is inserted into your skin. And in this case, multiple needles get in your skin. Hence, pain is something obvious. But this doesn’t limit its usage. You can still go pain-free. How? Use Dr.Numb®- the best topical anesthetic cream which is FDA certified. It makes your skin numb and allows you to follow the process easily.

How to start with dermarolling?

It is essential to prepare your skin first. It can be done by cleansing and then exfoliating. You can count on any chemical peel for this purpose. Reason being; doing so will help you really get the most out of the micro-needling process as it increases the ingredient absorption.

Once you have applied the peel, you can apply Dr.Numb® to your skin gently to your face. Now take your derma-roller and gently roll it over your skin. Move it in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal ways. Rolling twice over your chin, lips, cheeks, forehead, and neck will give you amazing results.

Remember, you don’t need to press too hard or put yourself in pain. You can apply as much pressure as you are comfortable with. Also take special care of your lips and underneath your eyes.

How often it needs to be done?

Well, this is really up to you. Generally, you can safely use dermaroller as often as a once a week. However, using once a month have delivered perfect results for someone.

Last note; after using make sure you cleanse your roller with rubbing alcohol. Place it in a plastic case for future use.