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What is Beauty Marks Exactly?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Mar 16th

What is Beauty Marks Exactly?

Beauty mark or beauty spot in reality is simply dark or brown moles located on the face, neck or shoulders. Commonly associated with women, in medical terms beauty marks are described as melanocytic nevus- a type of lesion that contains nevus cells. Present in both men and women, the moles are considered as beauty mark only if they have an aesthetic appeal. 


From ancient times, beauty marks and beauty spots have been considered as an attractive feature. Leading back to medieval times, in Europe, it was linked with unsatisfied wishes of women during pregnancy, while others linked it with fear in mind during pregnancy. While on the other hand, according to Chinese beliefs, moles were graded as lucky and unlucky depending upon the position, color and size.

Moles as symbol of beauty

Moles became a symbol of beauty in the Renaissance time; it is the time when women with no beauty marks started creating false ones to achieve more attractive look. However, it was Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark that generated a new vogue and wearing false one became a fashion. Apart from Monroe, other celebrities who have embraced their beauty marks and have benefited from them were Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, and Robert DeNiro. However, undoubtedly, Marilyn More will remain the all-time favorite when it comes to beauty marks.

Physical Attributes

Believed to add more characteristics to one’s physical appearance, they are similar to any other mole or nevus. Scientifically, mole is just a cluster of pigment under the skin that can be as small as a tiny pinpoint. A naturally occurring spots on the surface of the skin,it enhancesthe individual beauty and brings out unique features. As each mark is different from another, there is a highprobability that some might be raised,hairy mark while other getsa flat and smooth mark.

Placement of beauty mark

The most attractive beauty marks are those that are sized and placed to emphasize and complement other parts of the body, for example lips, eyes, or forehead. On the other hand, the ones that are in the middle of features, like the nose or chin, may not be considered as attractive.

Can be cancerous

Like any other normal mole, Beauty spots also have the capacity to change its size and color with time. Moreover, it has been seen in most cases that such beauty marks turned out to be cancerous, leading to a malignant form of skin cancer called melanoma. Therefore, it is always advisable to check with dermatologists, if individual notice changes in their mole or beauty mark.

Artificial beauty mark

Fake moles are fun to wear, especially when someone wants to pull out a vintage look. Looking at their popularity, special cosmetics have been created for people to get temporary beauty spots. A more feasible solution in comparison to permanent, now-a-days people are also opting for facial piercing around the mouth, to get the same look of Marilyn Monroe but with a metal stud. However, the best solution for many is making a temporary beauty spot with the help of black or brown eyeliner.