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What Are The Mistakes Made By A Tattoo Artist?

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jul 18th

What Are The Mistakes Made By A Tattoo Artist?

From wrong spellings, poor designs to unhygienic practices, here we have rounded up the common mistakes done by tattoo artist you should be careful about.

Do you trust your tattoo artist blindly? Keep in mind that a tattoo artist is a human being and can make mistake. In fact, an experienced tattoo artist can ruin your tattoo due to negligence or sheer indulgence in the process. So, be careful and watch out if your tattoo artist is going right or making these mistakes given below…

Wrong Spellings:

Common spelling mistakes in tattoos are its and it's, your and you’re, there, there, and their. This is because a tattoo artist may be confused with the similar sounding words. Misspelled tattoos won’t look good. So, carefully pick the words and give your artist in written form to avoid the spelling mistake. Don’t make your experience like this user had

“ok, so yesterday I went in and got a scripture tattooed on my left side on my ribs. it includes the word “multitude” and the guy made the “l” a “f” since the script is parchment and the two letters look similar.

He said to come back in 2 weeks when it should be healed (does that sound right?)
and that he will fix it by making shadow markings with white (first he said grey) on some letters including the “f” so it will cover the slash.
he felt incredibly bad! and of course, this will be free

my question is, will this work out right??? any other suggestions on how to cover this little mistake???? I have a pic if you need to see but idk, I'm trying not to cry about it cuz i have faith this will work :confused:”

Not Using Numbing Cream:

A good tattoo artist always recommends his client to use a numbing cream. A numbing cream dulls the pain receptors so that you can’t feel pain or sensation during the process. In this way, you feel comfortable and get your tattoos done without delay. Sadly, if they don’t suggest you numbing cream while your pain threshold is weaker, you are likely to scream and moan during the process.

We thought that this user’s pain could be eliminated by his tattoo artist

“Did it hurt? ofc (sic) anyone saying it doesn't is either high or playing some kind of macho game, the best way I can personally describe is the lines kinda (sic) feels like being cut with a knife while the shading(filling) is more in the area of a skin scrape that you get from tripping on your bike or something like that”

Not Creating as You Expect:

A tattoo artist may not give you desired piece of tattoo every time. Well, this is the part of the business. You come with a tattoo picture while the artist fails to create an exact design.

This is how this Redditor’s story goes on in this context

“Asked for a rose, got a cabbage.”


Creating a tattoo is more difficult than you assume. A tattoo artist may not draw at the exact place due to several reasons. Or he may draw two inches away from where you exactly wanted the design to be.

“I wanted the tattoo exact on my shoulder blade. Somehow, the design slipped to the chest area. But the worst thing is that the tattoo maker didn’t hold his responsibility for the outcome. See this is the cynical part of the business.”

No Hygiene:

Above mentioned tattoo mistakes are tolerable as they are likely to happen due to the delicate nature of the business. But using contaminated tools and practicing in the unhygienic environment is not justifiable. So, you must take a note of hygiene of the tools and atmosphere before getting a tattoo. If you ignore such things, then you are equally responsible for your tattoo regrets.

So, these are the mistakes you should be watchful for, no matter if your tattoo artist is experienced and certified.

“The studio was in NYC (don’t want to reveal the name). It was looking upscale with a flashy banner. But the things inside didn’t live up to the impression. Tattoo artists were using the same ink….continuous splashes of the ink on the table…no gloves and no antiseptic soap over there.”

So these are the mistakes made by tattoo artists. These mistakes not only risk your design but also made you prone to health hazards (think unhygienic conditions). Being a savvy tattoo fan or even you are a beginner, prefer experienced and skilled tattoo artist to minimize such risks.

Here are the tips to choose a right tattoo artist…

  • See his experience.
  • Ask for the portfolio to get an idea of his designs.
  • Visit his tattoo shop prior to your appointment to take a note of hygienic conditions over there.
  • Check the rates.
  • Ask for certification.