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Ways To Numb Your Skin Before Piercing Procedure

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Feb 28th

Ways To Numb Your Skin Before Piercing Procedure

Numbing your skin is a down to earth, safe methodology that can make piercing your skin less complex, more exact and less agonising. While numbing your skin, but, it is vital to do as such around another person to guarantee the procedure is protected and productive.

Below are the given ways to numb your skin before piercing procedure;


Ice is a standout amongst the most widely recognised strategies for numbing the skin. In any case, this technique isn't generally used as a part of expert piercing salons, as it takes some time and can be wet and untidy. If you are trying to ice a little area, for example, an ear cartilage, take one or two ice cubes in a paper towel and rub the ice in small circular motions on the area. Do this for no less than 15 minutes, until the area is cool and numb.

If you are icing a bigger area, put a few ice cubes into a zip lock bag, and hold the pack on the area of the skin you wish to numb for 15 to 20 minutes. When you remove the pack, the area should be icy to touch, feel numb and will most likely be red in colour too.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a solution used to numb an area before piercing, and also helps in cleaning and sterilizing the skin and needles before piercing. Rubbing alcohol can be found at a local medical store and can be applied by pouring the solution onto a cotton ball and covering the area of skin going to be pierced.

It can also be applied through alcohol strips or alcohol toilettes that can be acquired at excellence supply stores. Rubbing alcohol should be applied directly before the piercing procedure. In spite of the fact that it won't numb the skin with the power that ice does, it provides enough numbing for a great many people to easily get through the short piercing process.

Topical Numbing Creams

Topical numbing creams have turned out to be progressively famous numbing solutions for piercing experts, tattoo specialists and waxers. Numbing creams rapidly and viably numb the skin before piercing.

Numbing creams are most regular for bigger, more delicate piercing, for example, the navel or the neck, however, can be used anyplace on the body, aside from within the mouth. Topical numbing creams, asDr.Numb®, should be applied to the area before piercing, and keeping in mind that they will help make the piercing procedure easier by numbing the area.

Oral Medicines

Oral or over-the-counter painkillers can be taken to help numb the skin before piercing. Numerous people take pharmaceuticals, for example, Advil or Tylenol, before getting pierced either alone, or as per a topical numbing solution. These drugs will help marginally numb the skin and can help with any dull or hurting pain that may happen after the piercing.

People choosing to run with this numbing method should just take a normal dose around an hour prior getting pierced, as taking extra pills can be unsafe to your health. Oral medicines can be taken after a piercing to help numb sensitive areas.