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Wave A Good Bye To Sunburn Naturally!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 7th

Wave A Good Bye To Sunburn Naturally!

Excess of everything is bad. Although a study reveals that ‘Women who never sunbathe during the summer are twice more likely to die than those who sunbathe every day’ but it is also a true fact that excessive exposure to UV rays of the sun can not only roast you like a chicken but can also cause life-threatening diseases like skin cancer.

“When I was a teenager, I used to play a lot of outdoor games without getting afraid from the sun, but as I grew older, the itchiness and pain that sunburn carried along with it, affected my personality and I stopped stepping outside in the sun. When I limited my exposure to sun, I got detected with a low level of Vitamin D, so I am totally confused what to do?” says Ava, a 25 years old student.

Expensive cosmetics and sunscreens may be helpful for some time but you end up experiencing itchy and painful rashes, called as sunburn. You cannot avoid sunburn to occur, but you can definitely treat it naturally with a disciplined dose of home remedies and get rid of redness and stinging.

This article shares few home remedies which should definitely be used to treat your sunburn.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is so common ingredient in the kitchen that while reading this article you can fetch it from the kitchen without especially going to market for it. But apart from being used to make delicious cookies, the alkaline nature of baking soda helps to soothe inflammation of skin, irritation, pain, and itchiness caused by sunburn.


  • Mix 1 cup of baking soda in your cold water bath.
  • Let it soak for 20 minutes.
  • After the bath, instead of rubbing, pat your skin with a towel to make it dry.


  • Mix 3 tbsp of baking soda with a 1/4th cup of water.
  • Stir it effectively to get a paste out of it.
  • Apply it on to the affected area of your skin.
  • Let it remain there for about 15 minutes.
  • Then wash off with cold water.
  • Follow this remedy once every morning until sunburn disappears.

2. Potato

Potatoes, apart from being a most friendly vegetable, getting mixed with every other vegetable, are also helpful to get rid of many skin diseases. They are known to be the best pain reliever since its invention, working particularly well on minor skin irritations. The starchy properties of potato are capable to absorb the excessive heat from the skin, thereby eliminating the stinging pain caused by sunburn.


  • Take 2 potatoes and wash them thoroughly.
  • Cut them into small pieces and put them in a blender.
  • Give them a whirl until they turn into bit liquid.
  • Add some amount of water if it seems to be dry.
  • Put the obtained mixture in the bowl.
  • Soak cotton balls thoroughly in it and apply it on the affected area.
  • Try this remedy once every day for better results.


  • Peel a potato and gently rub it directly on the affected areas of your skin for 10 minutes.

3. Honey

Honey is one of the oldest medicines ever known and a study held by the Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences reveals that honey possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it very beneficial in treating sunburn, wounds, ulcers and many other diseases. The antiseptic and antibiotic agent present in honey makes it a perfect remedy that can help to enhance the process of healing.

"Studies suggest it may work better than some antibiotic creams at speeding up healing, reducing infection, and minimizing pain," says Kathi Kemper, M.D., author of The Holistic Pediatrician.


  • Apply honey on to the affected area.
  • Let it remain there for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, wash it off with cold water.
  • Try this remedy every day to get rid of sunburn.

4. Tea Bags

The tannic acid residing in black tea is a gift for sunburn as they are able to absorb the excessive heat from the skin, thereby restoring the pH balance. Black Tea is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that can help to reduce swelling and boosting the process of healing respectively. The alternative of black tea is mint tea bags that can fight sunburn because of its cooling properties.


  • Fill the pitcher with warm water.
  • Soak three tea bags in the water until it becomes almost black.
  • Wait till the temperature of water drop down to lukewarm and then dip the cloth in it.
  • Dab it slowly on the affected areas with sunburn.
  • Let it remain there and dry.
  • Following this remedy, for at least once every day can help you to get rid of sunburn.