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Warts Removal- A Mind Game

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 31st

Warts Removal- A Mind Game

Warts are very common in one’s life and can knock anyone’s door at any interval of the time. It affects up to 7-10% of the general population. Warts do create lots of pain, not much physically but more mentally. They socially embarrass you and are one of the major indicators of your confidence. They lower your confidence, thereby affecting your personality.

Warts ooze out on the outer layer of the skin when they are backed by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection. There are typically no signs of symptoms unless they emerge on the bottom of the feet because of the pain they might carry with themselves at that location.

Many risk factors are involved when warts are taken into consideration. Some of them are as follows:

  1. A weak immune system- An immune system can turn out to be weak because of various reasons. The most important reasons among them are HIV infection. A person with HIV infection weakens his immune system, thereby increasing the chances of occurrence of warts. The other reasons weakening your immune system can be immune suppressible drugs, lack of sleep, stress, etc.
  2. Moisture- If you are barefoot and get exposed to moist surface such as in public showers, swimming pool areas and locker rooms, your chances of getting warts increase.
  3. Sharing is not caring- Warts are passed from one person to another when the skin of one person comes in contact with another. Another possibility of occurrence of warts is sharing towels, razors and other personal items with the infected person.
  4. Biting Nails- Biting nails is not just a bad habit but also it will increase the chances of warts to visit your skin.
  5. Wearing tight clothes- Wearing tight clothes lead to sweaty feet and sweat is an alarm for the warts to wake up and invade your skin.

Warts are unattractive and are bothersome, though harmless. They become the source of embarrassment and social stigma for some. There are varieties of treatments that accelerate the healing process but they do not work always.

One of the treatments that have gained a scientific popularity (although practiced since ancient times) is HYPNOTHERAPY.

Warts are those sorts of guests who keep starving even after proper intake of the meal. So warts keep on starving and best thing is to feed them more and more.

Warts are extremely susceptible to the blood flow. This is the only reason that immersing the affected area in cold water and hot water alternately alters the blood flow in the area which eventually makes your skin wart-free.

For centuries, wart treatment has involved ‘charming’ warts away with incantations. It was also believed that the local practitioner of magic could 'charm them' away. These local practitioners are now a day’s called as “doctors”.

Mark Twain in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has a character who discussed variety of such remedies. Tom Sawyer proposed “SPUNK WATER as a remedy for warts on the hand. You put your hand into the water at midnight and say:

“Barley-corn, barley-corn, injun-meal shorts,
Spunk-water, spunk-water, swaller these warts”

You then "walk away quick, eleven steps, with your eyes shut, and then turn around three times and walk home without speaking to anybody. Because if you speak the charm's busted."

These charms of then called magicians are scientifically backed by the doctors calling it as the power of placebo. How does hypnosis work curing the warts naturally?

Hypnosis is taming and riding your mind like a horse and taking it to the place you want. In nutshell, hypnosis is playing with your mind asking it to perform the tasks you want to get performed.

Now, as we know warts have the good diet of blood. So taming your mind in such a way that your body does not allow any flow of blood to warts will be a miracle.

For instance, consider warts as terrorists who invaded the city you rule. Now you have to ask the police force (your body) to cut down the supply of electricity (blood flow) where the terrorists have invaded. Imagine the electricity slowly getting off and the warts getting denied of the blood they want. Rest just leave up to your mind and body and wait for the miracles.

Hypnotherapy is a natural way to kiss away your warts leaving behind no side-effects.

An experiment was documented in an article in American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis by Robert H. Goldstein, where he reported the case of a female patient who was successfully treated with hypnosis for warts.

Generally, warts may take few weeks to few years to get rid of your skin Hypnosis is the most natural way with which one can treat his or her warts.. There are many home made remedies available to be implemented and get fruitful results out of it, but sometimes its treatment by doctor become the last resort to say good bye to the warts.