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5 Things Every Beginner Wants to Know About Nose Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 May 2nd

5 Things Every Beginner Wants to Know About Nose Piercing

From pain level, aftercare to right metal, there are several things you should know before getting a nose piercing.

Are you heading in for a nose piercing for the very first time? If so, you are super excited and overwhelmed as well. However, it can’t be denied that there are several things rankling in your mind about nose piercing. You like to know if the piercing is painful or cause bleeding. You might be thinking which jewellery style to choose for your piercing. Don’t worry!

Here we have come up with the things about nose piercing you always wanted to know:

Is Nose Piercing Painful?

Well, it is the topmost concern you have. Thinking about the skin penetration with a needle can upset you, let alone facing it. But you will be glad to know that nose piercing is not that painful. Nose is one of the least painful areas for piercing, thanks to the soft tissues and fleshy part, making it easy for needle to go through with a simple push. The pain can be compared with stinging or pinching. So, you can be more confident while getting the nose piercing.

Use Numbing Cream:

Despite knowing that nose piercing is not that painful, you can be still conscious about the pain. In this scenario, you can use a numbing cream to minimise your pain. A numbing cream numbs your skin patch so that the pain signal can’t travel to the brain. If you are looking for a numbing cream, look no further than Dr.Numb®. Dr.Numb® is the trusted numbing cream brands for tattooing, piercing and minor surgeries.

Make Sure to Choose the Right Metal:

You can enjoy a range of jewelry. However, you must shop the jewelry that is safe and compatible for your skin. Make sure it is not allergic to your skin. Yellow gold, platinum, copper, silver and polycarbonate plastic are the good choice for piercing. Avoid wearing cheap or artificial jewelry as it can irritate your fresh piercing.

It Can Remain Sore for a Few Days:

Whereas the pain last for few seconds, you can have sore piercing or pain that persist for 40 hours after the process. However, you should see your physician immediately if redness or swelling continues as it may be a sign of infection.

Follow the Aftercare Instructions:

After getting your nose pierced, you should follow the aftercare instruction to avoid infections and other risks. Always consult your piercing artist about aftercare tips.

So, this was all about you always wanted to know about nose piercing. Choose the right artist and follow the aftercare tips to have a great nose piercing.