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Want to Get Your Kid’s Ear Pierced? Do These Things First

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 12th

Want to Get Your Kid’s Ear Pierced? Do These Things First

Many kids find it too horrible to face ear piercing. These things can help your kids stay confident while going through their piercing.

Want to get your kid’s ear pierced?

If you are like most parents, you must be worried about how your kids react when they are about to receive the piercing. Most kids throw tantrum or scream loudly whenever they find needles approaching towards their skin. And it is quite disturbing for you as a parent to see this scenario. Besides, it can’t be denied that piercing can make your kids prone to infection, scarring or other complication if goes wrong.

Find a Right Piercer:

First of all, make sure to choose a right piercer. An inexperienced piercer can harm your kid’s skin. An experienced artist can be costly, but it can be justified as they ensure you a precise and safe piercing process. You can explore Internet (read user’s reviews over there) or ask someone to find a right piercer. Once you find a piercer you can trust, make sure to visit their studio to take a note of hygiene and practices over there.

Talk to Your Piercer:

When done with the piercing location, have a word with your piercer and try to find out more about their training and experience. Also, consult them regarding any tips to help you prepare your child for the big event.

How They Perform Piercing?

When piercing is for your child, sterility and safety, both needs to be catered. For you, it is important to understand about the different ear piercing choices available. Hence, when you start dwelling for ear piercing locations, ensure to ask what ear piercing system they use. Commonly, hollow needles or “cannulas” which remove a core of flesh is used in body piercing parlors. The other major option is that spring-loaded piercing gun. It is loud, and pierces the ear by “shooting”. The earring will be shot directly through the earlobe.

Pick correct Earring:

Generally, parents prefer a stud for ear piercing process. While choosing the jewelry, you need to remember that whether it is a first, second or even third piercing, the piece is there to stay for the entire healing period. Make sure it is of your child’s choice and doesn’t cause any harm to his sensitive skin.

Along this, it is advised to choose jewelry made of premium hypoallergenic metals. It should consist of the highest international standards for nickel content. You can go for 14KT gold or Medical Grade Stainless Steel and 24KT Gold Plate.

Use a Numbing Cream to Dull Pain Sensation:

Piercing involves incursion of a sharp device through the ear lobe. Hence, it will be painful. For kids, it can be traumatic. In such a case, you must keep a topical anesthetic handy. You can count on NumbSkin. Being a lidocaine based solution, it is safe to use and is highly effective.

Lastly, for safer healing, remember to keep the piercing site clean. And ask your child to always wash your hands before touching the earring or cleaning the piercing site.