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Vaccinating Your Child Is Important: Explore 6 Major Reasons

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 27th

Vaccinating Your Child Is Important: Explore 6 Major Reasons

With the National Infant Immunization Week approaching near, it becomes important to realize the significance of vaccination among kids. Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes NIIW to highlight the importance of protecting infants from some dreadful diseases. Actually, it is about the vaccine-preventable diseases, and of course celebrating the achievements of immunization programs.

“It was during my first pregnancy when I visited the doctor, and while sitting in the waiting room, I found a little child suffering from measles. That was horrible! I was so restless that on my turn, I asked my doctor about him and the reason behind. To my surprise, it was merely due to the fact that the kid’s parents didn’t get him vaccinated on time. I was very concerned and determined to get my child vaccinated on time, every time.

Now being a mother to two adorable kids, I get them vaccinated and feel happy to see them healthy.” ~Jane, 34

Do you have a kid at a home?

Or you are going to be proud parents very soon?

Certainly, it is going to be a new phase of life which will be full of love, fun, and responsibility. Hence, you need to understand caring for your child is not merely loving him or fulfilling his demands. It is much more than this.

It is your responsibility to keep your child as healthy and safe as possible. But did you know that vaccinating your child on time can help protect him against 14 serious and potentially deadly diseases? However, in many cases, parents overlook the significance of immunization.

In fact, they give silly excuses for delaying a vaccination;

  • ‘My baby cries a lot she gets the shot’
  • ‘My child is too young to receive so many vaccines’

And there can be many other too. Despite of these, the fact which remains constant is that a child's immune system is more vulnerable without vaccinations. This clearly means that if it weren't for vaccinations, children could become seriously ill or even die from a number of diseases including measles, mumps, and many more.

Why is it important to get children vaccinated?

As stated above, getting a child immunized help him fighting several diseases. However, if you are still not convinced to get them injected for good, here are some reasons you need to know. Find out 6 reasons to plan for vaccinations right away.

It can save your child’s life!

First thing comes first; thanks for advances in medical science that you can now protect your child against more diseases than ever before. There are number of diseases which once injured or killed thousands of children. And the good thing is that major of these have been eliminated completely due to timely immunizations.

In the same queue, there are several other diseases which are close to extinction, and the reason is same- due to safe and effective vaccines. One such example is Polio. Do you know polio was once America’s most-feared disease? It was causing death and paralysis across the country. But now there are no reports of polio in the United States.

It is safe and effective!

Don’t worry about the safety concerns as vaccines are given to children after a long and careful review by scientists, doctors, and healthcare experts. Definitely, these involve some discomfort and cause pain, tenderness, or redness, at the site of injection. But this can be ignored looking at the pain, discomfort, and trauma of the diseases these vaccines prevent.

It can be pain-free!

Are you not getting your child immunized just because the process is painful? Leave you're worried to Dr.Numb®. Now you can access a painless method to make your child safe and healthy. Actually, it is a topical anesthetic cream which comes with 5% lidocaine and is FDA approved. All you need to do is apply it to his skin 45 minutes before vaccination. It will make skin numb for three to four hours. This means now you can go for injections without any discomfort.

It protects others you care about!

As per the recent reports, in the United States, vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and pertussis (a whooping cough) are making a comeback. One of the major reason behind this fact is many people in the country are too young or too sick to be immunized. Thus, they have no other choice but to rely on the rest of the population for protection.

It means, vaccination not only protects your family but also prevents the spread of those deadly diseases.

It saves your family time and money!

Do you know that a child with a vaccine-preventable disease can be denied attendance at schools or childcare facilities?

Of course, you would never like that to happen. Plus, there are some vaccine-preventable diseases which can result in prolonged disabilities. Hence, it can altogether take a financial toll on the entire family. Reason being, it will cause loss of time at work, preparing those medical bills or long-term disability care.

Just get your child vaccinated against these diseases and it turns out to be a good investment in the long run.

It protects future generations!

Gone are the days when there were many diseases that killed or severely disabled people in just a few generations. Remember smallpox? It is due to the vaccination which eradicated that disease worldwide. Obviously, vaccines have reduced and, in some cases, eliminated such diseases. Now your children don’t have to get smallpox shots anymore. All because the disease no longer exists!

So, these are enough, right?

If you haven’t got the vaccinated yet, don’t delay further. Consult your doctor for a healthy future.