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Understanding the Risks Involved in Laser Hair Removal

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 14th

Understanding the Risks Involved in Laser Hair Removal

Learn here the side effects in laser hair removal, if done wrong.

Unwanted hair growth has always been a nightmare for women for ages, especially who are beauty conscious. There are traditional methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing and depilatories to get rid of unwanted hair. But they are not as efficient as laser treatment. Laser hair removal is a popular treatment to prevent unwanted hairs from coming back for significant amount of time. It is typically conducted by plastic surgeons.

In this treatment, strong laser beams are directed towards your skin to destroy the follicles which in turns affect hair growth. It works well for all areas like chin, arms, face and the rest of the body.

But it can’t be denied that laser treatment can lead to side effects, if goes wrong or done by inexperienced artist. It can burn your skin and leave it with a scar.

Here we have come up with such common side effects of laser hair removal you should know.

Skin Burns:

Intense heat in lasers can lead to skin burns in some users. Such skin burns are commonly observed in patients with darker completion as darker pigments tend to absorb the lasers. The burns are mild in most of the cases. However, the severity of burns has been reported in many cases.

Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation:

The lasers may lead to hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Former is associated with the darkening of the skin while latter is referred to the excessive lightening of the skin.

Eye Injuries:

Lasers may cause eye injuries, so it is essential to protect your eyes during the laser treatment.

Pain and Burning Sensation:

Although laser is totally a normal process, it may be painful due to burning sensation caused of intensive beams. This is why a local anesthetic like numbing cream is always advised to the clients before the process. Numbing cream temporarily dulls your pain receptors so that you don’t feel pain.

Formation of Scabs:

You may end up with crusting and formation of scab around the treated area. They may be coupled with a mild bruising. Such side effects are likely to occur within first few days of the treatment. Good thing is that they go away shortly afterward.


In some cases, infection is also reported after laser hair removal. So, make sure the area remains clean before the process.

How to Avoid Such Side Effects Associated Laser Hair Removal?

Above mentioned side effects are happened due to inexperienced laser handling, negligence and “not following the precautions”.

  • First of all, choose an experienced and reputed professional for your laser hair removal.
  • Check if you are a right candidate for the process.
  • Use a numbing cream before the process.
  • Follow the aftercare instructions given by your laser professional.