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Doing Underarm Waxing the Right Way- How?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Feb 11th

Doing Underarm Waxing the Right Way- How?

Whenever you desire for cleaner and hair-free underarms, waxing turns out to be a great option. Though underarm waxing produces a smooth and hairless finish, yet it is important to know that for your hair removal needs it is must to do it right way. How? Find out here.

Merely cleaner look is not the only reason to keep your underarms hair-free. There are much more compelling reason to force you gets clear underarms. Simply, clean underarms let you tackle the body odour issues, isn’t it?

Well, whatever reason you have for remove underarm hair, you know that it is one of the most sensitive skin areas. Though there are many ways, ranging from shaving to hair removal creams, to get rid of unwanted hair growth, but these would leave your skin dark, bumpy and full of wrinkles. Luckily, waxing is a perfect solution to these problems. However, this needs to be done carefully.

Here are some easy tips to make your underarms waxing for successful, read on:

Optimum hair length matters: Before waxing it is important to ensure that the hair growth is fine. How to define the right length? Actually, for very short hair, it will be difficult for the wax to form a grip properly. Hence, there are good chances that hair will not come off neatly. And if you have long hair, the process can be quite painful. Hence, ensure that your hair is about ¼ inches long. In case, your underarm hair is longer, trim it to the right length.

Scrubbing can be helpful: Seriously, proper exfoliation can help you make waxing painless and easy. Reason being, it clears dirt and impurities, and also unblocks hair follicles. Thus, now it will be much easier to release hair, reducing the pain caused in waxing process up to a great level.

Keep them dry: Your underarms need to be dry and clean. It is simple; wax does not stick properly to the sweaty underarms. Hence, before you go to your parlour or try it at home, make sure you wash the skin with warm water and with a clean towel pat it dry. Using warm water will also make your hair softer, making it easier to pull. You can also apply talcum powder to soak up excess moisture.

Apply an anaesthetic cream:Since waxing can be painful, it is essential to prepare yourself for the same. If you have lower threshold, you can count on Dr.Numb®. Carrying 5% lidocaine it blocks pain signals, making waxing a pain- free method. Moreover, it will not leave you with any side-effects. Being FDA approved, it is a product which comes with safety and high effectiveness.

Follow a right method: Whether you do it yourself or get it done, learning about the right method is essential. Hence, while getting your underarms wax, make sure that:

  • The arms are stretched properly. Being waxed tightly is vital to ensure that you don’t miss the hair in the folds of skin.
  • A wax strip or a thin layer of hot wax is applied in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.
  • It is good to wax small areas at a time.

So, for those who wish for much longer and better waxing results, the above stated tips will be surely of great help. Next time whether you're going on vacation or just want to enjoy wearing your bathing suits, you can be worry-free.