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Treating furrow lines- Which method will be best for you?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jun 11th

Treating furrow lines- Which method will be best for you?

Wondering why those furrow lines appearing on your forehead? Well, you are not all alone. Almost everyone faces these early signs of aging. Explore more details for these furrow lines. 

If your forehead lines are getting deeper day by day, you need to worry a little. But why have you started looking so darned old? Is it the stress reason behind? Or your diet? Or it is due to lack of good sleep?

Don’t worry! No need to pull the covers over your head. Here are some frequently asked questions on how to get rid of these forehead lines:

Why do furrow lines appear on your forehead?

Actually, it is over the years that you laugh, smile, and constantly work with your facial muscles. And when you do these, your skin stretches. Now with the growing age, you skin starts losing the collagen and elastin proteins. Basically, these are the proteins which give your skin thickness, strength, and elasticity. So, when they deplete the skin doesn't bounce back and this leads to formation of wrinkles.

Another major reason is dryness; your forehead wrinkles are certainly accentuated if the skin is not moisturized properly.

Are collagen injections helpful?

When it comes to reduction of wrinkles from forehead, collagen injections are the first option to appear through. The good thing about these injections is that there aren't any side effects as the collagen is a natural protein. But it doesn’t promise amazing results.

Can Botox be helpful?

Certainly, it is not a permanent solution and it is painful too. You can count on Botox injections if you want to reduce forehead lines quickly and for a short period of time. Yes, it needs to be repeated after every couple of months. As far as the pain is concerned, you can count on any topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb® for it. This will make the entire process pain free for you.

Plus, you need to know that some people experience side effects like excessive bruising and double vision. So, make sure you consult your physician before you step out for Botox. You might be wondering then,

How to get rid of forehead lines in the easiest way possible?

So, the best way is to follow a good skincare regime. You can also count on some natural ingredients to keep your skin free from wrinkles. Here are three ingredients that you should look for;

Active Manuka Honey: It is an effective agent which helps in production of collagen and elastin production. Being an amazingly powerful antioxidant, it also fights free radicals which damage skin cells.

Cynergy TK: As said that there is no single ingredient which would be enough to reduce forehead lines. However, this one is probably the closest to it. Being specially formulated keratin protein which is clinically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Grapeseed Oil: This one is a strong antioxidant which will be particularly effective and gentle for facial skin.

So, now when you know the different ways to treat your forehead wrinkles, you can figure out how to get rid of furrow lines. Choose as per your need!