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Tragus Piercing: Process, Pain Factor, Aftercare and More

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 28th

Tragus Piercing: Process, Pain Factor, Aftercare and More

Here we have listed essential information about risks, aftercare, process and complication related to tragus piercing so that you can make a right decision before getting it.

Tragus piercing is a unique ear piercing which is done on the triangular shaped flap located parallel to the ear canal. The piercing style has been in constant rage for over a decade. After all, tragus piercing gives an edge to your style. One more reason—the piercing is a desirable option if you are bored of traditional ear piercings.

No wonder that is has been favorite piercing style ofHollywood celebs like Lucy Hale, Kesha, Penelop Cruz, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johnson, and Rihanna.

If you are about to get it for a very first time, there are several questions you like to ask.

That’s why we have come up with interesting information about tragus piercing which covers the following things…

  • Where the Tragus is Located?
  • How Tragus Piercing is done?
  • Does it hurt?
  • Aftercare
  • Complications
  • Healing Period

Where is Tragus Located?

Tragus is an external flap located in front of the ear canal and the concha. It plays an important role in aiding your brain sense front and rear sound sources.

How It is Done?

Tragus piercing is different from other piercing forms done on nose and ears. This is because tragus is a thick and hard part, requiring a piercing to put extra pressure to penetrate the skin. You should get it done from a professional piercer as the process is complicated. So, don’t try this at home as it may cause injury or complication.

Here are the common steps in which tragus piercing is done

  • The person is required to lie down upside down or on the back.
  • A piercer places a cork within the canal to prevent the damage to the ear.
  • The area is cleaned.
  • A piercer uses curved or straight hollow needle to penetrate the skin. Bleeding may occur.
  • Then, the jewelry is inserted into the pierced area.

How Much Does Tragus Piercing Really Hurt?

Pain is a concern that is associated with all types of piercing. And tragus piercing is no exception. In fact, it is the topmost asked question about piercing. It is also worth to mention that tragus is a thicker skin requiring more pressure to be penetrated.

You will be glad to know that tragus piercing doesn’t hurt much. The pain is just like you have experienced in earlobe piercing. It means that you will feel a pinch and some stinging, though the pain level will remain low. However, getting the two tragus piercings at the same time can hurt as your body is not ready for that.

Secondly, if you have low pain threshold, you can experience more pain than your friend. In this scenario, using a numbing cream makes sense. Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic which desensitizes your skin dulling your pain receptors. This way, you don’t feel the process running over the skin. Dr.Numb® numbing cream is suitable for dulling pain occurring in all piercings. Buy it now for your tragus piercing!

Does Tragus Piercing Cause Bleeding?

Bleeding varies from person to person based on blood vessels location. Luckily, the bleeding is temporary and likely to stop after the process.

What about Cost of Tragus Piercing?

Make sure to check the prices of tragus piercing. Generally, it is more expensive than simple ear piercing. For example, a single piercing will cost you around $30-50 while the median costs $50—excluding the cost of jewelry. However, the cost is determined by several factors like location of the city and artist’s experience.

What are Right Jewelry Choices for Tragus Piercing?

From studs, barbells to ball closure rings, there are plenty of jewelry options to choose from when it comes to tragus. The jewelries for tragus piercing are available in various shapes and sizes.


Go for studs if you are looking for unique and sophisticated look. Studs vibe out a sense of professionalism while focusing on style and fashion at the same time.


Rings delivers sober look. You can choose from beaded rings, barbell rings and segment rings.


Barbells make a great choice for those looking for an edgy style. They are available in different designs and patterns.

But Keep These Things in Mind While Choosing Jewelry for Tragus Piercing:

  • Prefer wearing barbell for new piercing as it causes minimum pain while placing. You can move to other options once your tragus is completely healed.
  • Always wear right metal as cheap and artificial jewellery can cause allergic reaction. Gold and titanium are the best type of piercing jewellery.

How to Take Care of Your New Tragus Piercing?

Aftercare is essential for the quick healing of your tragus piercing. Here are some tips to take care of your fresh tragus piercing.

  • Make sure to keep the area clean using antibacterial soap. Don’t touch the piercing with contaminated hands. Always wash your hand before handling your piercing.
  • Give your piercing a compress of saline solution. All you need to dissolve some salt in lukewarm water. Dip a cotton ball in the solution and dab it on the pierced area.
  • Don’t pick the crusts and scabs occurring over there. It may lead to serious complications like scarring.
  • Don’t remove your earring before 6 weeks as doing this may close the hole due to the healing of the body.
  • Don’t sleep on the side of your piercing as doing this may hurt and damage the pierced skin. Try to sleep on other side or on your back instead.
  • Avoid swimming and bathing in lake.
  • Don’t take caffeine and alcohol in excess.
  • Avoid using skincare products around or on the pierced spot.

What are the Signs of Infection Be Like?

If you notice redness, swelling, bleeding yellow or green puss persisting for longer, chances are your tragus piercing is infected. In this scenario, you must visit your physician as soon as possible.

So, this was all about tragus piercing and the important things associated with it.