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Tragus Piercing - Look Classy and Elegant!

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 May 2nd

Tragus Piercing - Look Classy and Elegant!

The complex curves of the ear offer many opportunities to enrich it with jewelry as it catches the eyeballs of many people when compared to other body parts. The opening of the ear toward the finish of the ear passage is commonly known as tragus piercing. It has picked up popularity recently with the ever increasing demand in body piercing.

Let’s know more about tragus piercing

In front of the ear canal, the tragus constitutes a little part of ear which is a fold of ligament. Tragus piercing is simple yet stylish when add on with a jewel. This also makes your face look more elegant.

Other than the standard piercing of ear lobe, tragus piercing is usually intricate and you have to lie back on a table or bed. Don’t be scared of the process because nowadays technologies are so much advanced that there are many things to eradicate the pain or make it less painful.

Also, by applying a topical numbing cream like Dr.Numb® or NumbSkin, before the start of the process can make your piercing easy. So, what are you waiting for? Flaunt your new look with tragus piercing by picking up the right jewelry.

Many ladies prefer small piercing

There are many women who love small piercing. And, for that, tragus piercing is the best. The small gauge hollow piercing needle is used by an expert to pierce your tragus. While piercing, a little bit of rubber is kept at the flip side of tragus. A little pressure is applied while piercing as this piece of ear is fleshy.

The pain included in the process may last for few days and in some cases, the procedure is joined by small bleeding. The size of the gauge is essential and usually small gauges are selected. It will decide the size of studs and rings you wear after tragus piercing.

After-care is highly important!

Tragus piercing is done on an unpretentious part of your body and subsequently, after-care is very important to recoup soon from the pain. Try to keep away the soapy water from this area when you wash your face and keep it clean and dry. To avoid infection, you can use any prescribed antibacterial cream and do whatever it takes not to use anything without prescription.

Tragus piercing is usual among the adults and the jewelry is accessible in an array of designs. You can pick bended barbells, roundabout barbells which are accessible in various sizes and colors. The ligament jewelry is especially designed to improve the look of ear to give an in vogue look. You can doubtlessly discover a tragus piercing expert effortlessly and a tragus jewelry that will suit your budget.