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Does Topical Numbing Creams Interfere With The Procedure Of Derma Rolling?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 31st

Does Topical Numbing Creams Interfere With The Procedure Of Derma Rolling?

Are you tempted to try out derma rolling procedures? But, is the fear of needles holding you back? If yes, then numbing creams might be your perfect solution!

Because derma rolling with needles above 0.75mm will cause pain, many people are using numbing creams for a comfortable experience. But, most of them have one question in mind – do numbing creams interfere with the procedure in any ways?

Let’s find the answer in what follows.

Why People Use Numbing Creams For Derma Rolling Procedures?

Derma Rolling is a non-invasive, clinical skin treatment. It uses micro-needles to treat a variety of skin conditions right from aging and pigmentation, to acne scars and stretch marks. It can be used on face, neck and scalp as a deep penetrating treatment.

Every derma roller has hundreds of needles that are going to pierce through your skin. Piercing needles will produce some pain. But, if you have low tolerance for it, using a numbing cream before the procedure can be a big relief.

What kind of numbing creams will interfere with derma rolling?

There are two kinds of numbing creams available in the market, these include:

  • Oil based numbing cream
  • Water based numbing cream

Derma rolling procedure opens the pores in the skin, which then absorb nutrients from skin serums applied after the procedure. Applying oil based numbing creams can penetrate the skin during derma rolling and block the pores.

Obviously, if the pores are blocked, nutrients from serums will remain restricted to the skin surface, thereby, not allowing you to reap 100% benefits from a derma rolling session.

Why Dr. Numb® Is The Best For Derma Rolling?

Dr. Numb® is considered to be #1 numbing cream for derma rolling because:

  • It is water based and will not interfere with derma rolling.
  • It is the safest - It has 5% lidocaine, as approved by FDA.
  • Enriched with Vitamin E for fast skin recovery.