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Top Tattoo Aftercare Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 21st

Top Tattoo Aftercare Mistakes You Should Avoid

Aftercare is downright essential for your new tattoo. So, you can’t afford to make these ghastly mistakes while taking care of your new tattoo.

You should take care of your new tattoo. This is because a new tattoo is like a fresh wound, which is highly prone to infection, scarring and other complications. However, many people are not serious about tattoo aftercare. Their negligence towards aftercare risks their newly made tattoo.

Here we have listed the common tattoo aftercare mistakes you should avoid.

Removing the Wrap over the Tattoo before Recommended Time:

A tattoo artist will cover the new tattoo with a plastic cling or a wrap. You have to wear it for an hour or two. Sometime, you have to put that wrap on tattooed skin for a whole day. Your tattoo artist knows the suitable length of time for you and your tattoo. Pay heed to their advice and remove the cover as per your tattoo artist’s instructions.

Not Washing Your Tattoo:

Another aftercare instruction most people tend to avoid. You should wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial ointment and lukewarm water after removing the cover. If you are taking shower, make sure to keep the tattooed skin away from the direct water contact. Never wipe your tattoo with towel as it may smudge the new ink. Just let it dry on its own.

Exposing it to the Sun:

Protect your new tattoo from the sun. A direct sun exposure can fade and bleach your tattoo ink, besides affecting the healing rate of your tattoo.

It does make sense to cover your tattoo to avoid getting sun exposure. Apply SPF 30 every time you step in the sun. Stick to this routine for 3 to 4 weeks!

Splashing into the Pool:

You can’t afford to make this ghastly mistake with your new tattoo. Besides fading your fresh tattoo ink, chlorine and bacteria present in water will infect your tattoo (which is a fresh wound). Avoid swimming for 2-3 weeks till the healing process in on. It is better if you plan to get tattoo when you can manage to skip swimming for weeks, for example, during winters. However, if swimming is essential for you, make sure to cover the tattoo with waterproof material like plastic to avoid water contact as possible.

Besides, wash you tattoo immediately with antibacterial soap when you are out of the water to eliminate bacteria or possible infection. Let your tattoo dry on its own.
Even after resuming swimming, make sure to clean your tattoo with antibacterial soap.

Getting Under Water:

Avoid direct water contact as much as possible. You shouldn’t let the water running directly over your fresh tattoo (like in case of showering).

Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes:

This is a big no! Tight clothes can stick to ink and seep plasma. It not only stains your clothes, but also smudges your tattoo. The tight clothing can be painful to remove and peeled off any freshly formed scab.

Even worse, tight clothing will cut out the oxygen supply to your tattoo which is essential for the healing process. That’s why you should wear loose fitting garments unless you achieve total healing.

Not Applying Ointment:

Don’t let your tattoos go dry. You may end up with a scab or peeling. Therefore, apply an ointment to moisturize it. A non-scented and antibacterial ointment is ideal in this purpose. Make sure to apply only a very thin layer and rub it gently until it’s absorbed by the skin.

Applying excessive ointment can cut off the air supply to the wound and may promote the growth of bacteria as well.

Apply the ointment after each time you wash the tattoo, at least twice a day, for 3 to 5 days or until the tattoo starts to peel.

Scratching or Picking at Your Tattoo:

Your tattoo will start to scab as it heals. It is a normal process. Scabs will fall off by themselves once they dry out. However, you shouldn’t pick at the scabs. It may lead to the premature falls of the scabs, leaving holes or light spots on your tattoo.

This process also causes itching, but shouldn’t scratch your skin. It will not only damage the skin, but also transfer the bacteria accumulating under your nails to the tattoo. You can relive itching by rubbing in a little lotion.

Doing Working Out or Excessive Sweat Activities:

If the skin is forced to move around too much, like in workout, it may take your tattoo longer to heal. This is why you should avoid unnecessary workouts for at least a few days after getting a fresh tattoo. If you are into self-defense training like kickboxing or karate, you should warn your assistant so they can avoid hitting you in the tattooed places.

So these are the tattoo aftercare mistakes you should avoid at any cost. Taking care of a new tattoo in a right way ensures you great design without complications like infections or scabbing.