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Top 5 Most Painful Piercings to Get on Your Body

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 14th

Top 5 Most Painful Piercings to Get on Your Body

Practically, there is not any body part that you can’t get pierced. But what tops the list of the most painful body parts to be pierced you can get? Find out here.

If you love body art, you probably would also know the saying “Beauty is a pain”. And…this is true. While the experience greatly depends on a few factors, usually piercings are very painful. Whether you’re afraid or not, how you prepare for your piercing is important. Also, not everybody has the equal pain threshold.
Here is a rating list of painful piercings from the least to the most painful one.

1. Lip

While it depends on the location of the piercing, lip piercings sometimes hurt a lot. People usually feel an initial sting and after that they should be fine.
If a nerve gets hit during this piercing, it may cause the numbness and sharp pains. However, there are no nerves in your lips that can cause serious or long-lasting problems.

2. Nose

A lot of people say that getting their nose pierced hurt a lot! Depending on the precise location, the needle goes through the skin, and it’s done pretty quickly.
When the needle’s full length has to be dragged through the hole it is the most uncomfortable part because the stud is on the end of the needle. There are a bunch of nerves in your nose, which all end at the tip, so it’s believable that it hurts.

3. Nipple

Both guys and girls say that getting their nipple done hurt like hell. There are a lot of nerves there working their little butts off. While they heal, it’s difficult because you can’t leave them alone in the open air. You have to wear clothes, and even the most simple cotton shirt, will chafe against the piercing. It takes a lot of courage to do so.

4. Cartilage

A needle going through a harder surface will be more painful than a facial piercing. It takes longer to pierce and to heal. The initial “hit” with the needle doesn’t hurt that much, however a healing cartilage will give you pain! People should be super careful while brushing your hair and sleeping on that side if the piercing is on your ear.

5. Genitals

Does this really need an explanation? The most sensitive part of our body reacting to the lightest touch will NOT like getting pierced with a needle! This is by far the most painful piercing, for both the sexes, both while being done and while healing.