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Top 5 Effective Benefits of Botox You Must Know

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Sep 6th

Top 5 Effective Benefits of Botox You Must Know

Botox, the treatment that has helped both, men and women, to decrease facial lines and wrinkles, has many advantages over other cosmetic treatments. All you need is to tolerate the little pain you get while injecting the needle.

If you are scared of needles, or quite sensitive to needle pain, then do tell your dermatologist. In this way, he will apply a topical numbing cream, like Dr.Numb®, to ease the pain. This will make your process go comfortable.

With the help of Botox treatment, you can control your looks and chose what areas you have to enhance, or need to treat. Dissimilar to a treatment, for example, a facelift, Botox enables you to have returned to work or finishing your daily exercises in a same day or next.

Here are our five main advantages of choosing Botox instead of a more invasive treatment.

  • A safe way to reduce wrinkles

It’s a great decision to pick Botox treatment. It is less invasive and secure as compared to other cosmetic treatments. Botox is something that can be controlled by you; you can choose how far you should go, what locations you need to change and how often you need the treatment.

  • You can quickly get back to normal

Surgery is both physically as well as mentally demanding, you should be prepared for your surgery and the healing time period, pain and scars. By picking Botox, you don’t have to leave your daily routine things. Once the procedure is done, you can get back to normal wife, after 2-3 hours.

  • No local anaesthetic is required

Like other invasive treatment, Botox does not include any local anesthetic, and the pain is normal. But, if you are less or more sensitive to pain, then Dr.Numb ® can be a great solution to apply an hour before the treatment.

  • Botox is not just about the face

Botox has been used for some different issues. It is perfect for the people who suffer from over sweating. It is also well-suited for the people who suffer from headaches and chronic migraines. It can be used for muscle stiffness in the wrists, fingers, elbows, neck pains and abnormal head positions.

  • No scarring

Botox does not leave any scarring on the face. So, there will be no sign of any cosmetic process. The treatment is managed through injections to the problem area. It will feel the same as some other injections you may have had previously. This means there will be no stitches or wounds on the face that need healing, which allow most of the people of Botox.