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Top 3 Reasons You Need a Topical Numbing Cream

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 12th

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Topical Numbing Cream

Numbing creams are ruling over the market. In case you haven’t bought one, here you will find some reasons to keep it handy at home. Read on.

Pain- something which everyone wishes to keep away! It can be due to several reasons, i.e. emotional or physical. While for the emotional pain there is not a numbing solution, but thankfully to physical pain there are.

As far as physical pain is considered, some people are unable to tolerate the pain and then there are few who can bear it up to a significant level. It depends on the threshold of the individuals. Especially when it is about body arts, such as piercing or tattooing, different people react in different ways. The good thing is that to get rid from the pain is a numbing cream. Checkout some top reasons why you need to use these creams;

Best for people with low pain tolerance!

It is stated earlier that not everyone has the same pain threshold. While some people can endure pain for longer time, and there are others who cannot. For such people who have a low tolerance for pain and often scream in pain when undergoing medical procedures, such as those involve needles, numbing solutions comes to rescue. Just apply the gel or cream, and you can get the procedure done effortlessly.

Your kids will love it!

Undoubtedly, children and babies are the loveliest part of your life. You never want them to be in pain. But you cannot skip those mandatory immunization shots which are necessary for their good health and growth. While kids have a lower pain tolerance, applying numbing cream in advance can be very helpful. Just ensure the solution you choose is safe and herbal.

Saves time and money!

When you go for any dermal process, you invest a significant amount of both, i.e. time and money. And certainly ‘pain’ add up to your problems, how? It will take a longer time to complete the process and might be more than one appointment would be required. In all, leading to wastage of your time and money! You can save it with the help of numbing cream significantly and alleviate the pain associated with all sorts of procedures like tattoos, piercing, dermarolling, microneedling, etc.

Without a doubt, there is long list of numbing creams or gels available in the market today. But there is one which is recommended by tattoo artists, dermatologists and even the laser clinic owners. It is about Dr.Numb®. While it carries 5% lidocaine, the major purpose of this numbing cream is to cause a numbing sensation. Hence, the area that needs to have a procedure goes numb, making the entire process painful. And in case you are worried for the myth that it will affect the tattoo’s quality, you are wrong. It is a water based solution which makes it the best topical anesthetic numbing cream, and it will neither hamper the quality nor increase the healing time.