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Top 3 Natural Solutions to Treat Warts at Home

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 14th

Top 3 Natural Solutions to Treat Warts at Home

Those small skin tumors which occur unexpectedly on the skin might not be harmful, but yes, they are irritating. And therefore, wart removal is a necessity for the sufferers. Actually, these can arise anywhere across your body and significantly affect the daily activities. It causes the inconvenience. Not anymore you need to live with them. Here are some natural remedies to get rid of the warts.

Are you worried for that piece of fleshy skin on the bottom of your foot? Yes, the small skin tumor which might appear like a small black dot in the middle, it can be a plantar wart. While these might be contagious, but certainly, you don’t want to live with this. Isn’t it?

The last article described about the varying types of warts. And this one shares the natural ways to fight these warts. Let’s find out what all you can do to cure them at home.

Try basil treatment:

Really, basil can help you in curing warts. Being rich in multitude of anti-viral components, it will speed up the process of removing wart. For this, you will need;

  • Fresh basil leaves- 1/4 cup
  • And some form of bandage

What to do?

It is quite easy. Just crush up ¼ cup of fresh and well-rinsed basil leaves. Make them mushy enough to produce juice and apply this to the warts. You can cover it with a bandage or some sort of clean cloth. Repeat this daily for about 1-2 weeks.

Honey can do wonders:

Well, firstly you need to know that you need organic Manuka honey. The one which is harvested in New Zealand is the best remedy for warts. Being one of the most potent types of honey it is highly popular for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. And yes, it is more stable. This means, unlike other types of honey, it can easily withstand temperature fluctuation that too without losing benefits. So, here you will need;

  • Raw honey: One teaspoon
  • A bandage

What to do?

If possible, first file away the wart if you can, and then cover it with a thick layer of honey. Now you have to wrap a piece of cloth around it. Let it be for 24 hours. You can change the bandage and reapply honey daily.

Pineapple Juice Works:

Yes, your favorite pineapple juice softens the wart. Being highly rich in acidity, it carries a special enzyme which slowly dissolves and then eats away the wart. For the solution, you need;

  • Organic pineapple juice
  • A bowl and towel

What to do?

In the entire day, you need to soak your warts in the juice 2-3 times a day for about 3-5 minutes. You can then wash it with cold water and pat dry. It might sting in beginning, but afterwards it will turn normal.

Generally, it is said that most warts disappear themselves, with the passage of time. All thanks to your immune system. But using these remedies you can speed up the recovery process significantly. Go natural, go safe!