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Top 11 Piercings You Need To Give A Try In 2018

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jul 7th

Top 11 Piercings You Need To Give A Try In 2018

Piercing has become part of our mainstream culture. Hence, if you are also planning to have one very soon, you need to know about the best options available.

It is no surprise that many people are considering body piercings. Some of the reasons include adornment, religious purposes, rites of passage, and so on.

Well, piercing is not a new form of body modification. Yes, it is an ancient practice which has been followed by almost all the cultures. However, it was extremely popular in Western Europe and America. With the evolution of time, it has changed significantly and now it is adorned in endless ways.

Want to get one?

So, there are chances that you have done a good research on where to get it done, and you are finally ready to get a body piercing. But wait! Have you decided which part of the body you are going to pierce?


Going to a piercing parlor without thinking about this can be a nerve-racking experience. To minimize your stress we have listed down top 11 piercings which you need to give a try for sure. Read on;

Conch Piercings

These are among the new addition to the list of the ‘most popular piercings’ list. Conch piercings are adorable and can be found either in the inner or outer portion of the conch. As these will be somewhere in the inner curve of the ear, you have to be really careful during the healing period. No doubt these are beautiful piercings, but they require more attention.

Rook Piercings

This one is similar to the Conch. And yes, it is another new name to the popular list of piercings. When it comes to the placement of this piercing, it is done on the antihelix of the inner ear, which is located just above the Tragus. Similar to other cartilage piercings, the healing timeframe for pierced rook will also be longer.

Industrial piercings

This one is also known as a “bar” piercing or “Scaffold” piercing. Basically, the two holes are connected with a single piece of straight jewelry, which make it look really elegant. Found in the upper ear cartilage usually, it can be done as a dual industrial to add a little bit of flair. This one comes in the list of extreme piercings. If you wish to have the unique art done, it is the right pick!

Bridge piercings

You might have heard another name for this piercing, Erl piercings. It can be defined as surface piercings placed on the bridge of the nose. While it draws attention to the eyes in an awesome way, it will make you fall in love with this type of body art. It is slightly different from those non-surface piercings and will need some extra time to heal. Make sure you don’t play or fiddle with the same during the healing period. Being a highly visible piercing, it can be difficult to remove piercing out over and over again.

Cartilage/Helix piercings

If you ask about one of the most common piercings in the earlobe, this piercing style is surely there. Done along the outer ridge of the upper ear, it can be done with a captive ring or even a stud. Nowadays, you can have them done in pairs, such as the double helix or even a triple helix piercing.

Just remember, this is a cartilage piercing and it will take a bit longer to heal. Usually, the typical healing timeframe for a cartilage piercing is 6 months.

Labret Piercings

It is another way for adornment on the lip. This type of piercing can be either placed on the lower lip or just below the lower lip.

Nipple Piercings

From Kendal Jenner to Rihanna, the list of celebrities with this piercing is quite long. And it is the major reason why there has been an increase in a number of people getting their nipples pierced. So, you have quite valid reason to have it done.

Belly Button Piercing

Women will love it for all reasons! This had had the most loved piercing with 33% of Americans having it done to their body. Regardless of the fact that it poses a risk of infection due to the location and constant irritation, navel piercings are an amazing option. It is just that these have to be taken care of properly.

Bite Piercings

Increasing in popularity, bite piercing is done either below or above the lips. While these are dual piercings, these can penetrate the lip’s surrounding area in a variety of different ways. However, the most common one is the snake bite piercing, which wraps two captive hoops.

Nose Piercings

If this is your first time and you don’t want to experiment a lot, this can be a wise pick. There’s nothing cuter than a tiny stud in the nostril, isn’t it?

For those who want a little more edgy stuff, a captive circling your septum can work. Though nostril piercings are exceptionally common, you can still prefer it for all good reasons. While these are extremely easy to heal, you can maintain the piercing properly with minimal aftercare.

Tongue Piercings.

Don’t go by the myth that tongue piercings are hard to heal. In fact, these piercings are very easy to heal, provided you follow a proper hygiene and follow your care instructions. You can go classy wearing a longer barbell.

So, you now have a pretty good number of options. All these are incredible in one way or the other. Whether it is your first time or you have already done few piercings, there is a common thing you will deal with. It is the pain factor, which is intermingled with piercing. But the good news is that no more you have to deal with discomfort while getting pierced.


Dr.Numb® is there to make your piercings painless. It works by blocking pain signals at the nerve endings. Basically, this happens due to the presence of 5% lidocaine. And stay rest assures; it is safe to use!

Choose your piercing and go stylish in 2018. Which type of piercing will you love to have?

Letus know through your comments.