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Tiny Tattoos With Deep And Bigger Meaning

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 7th

Tiny Tattoos With Deep And Bigger Meaning

The tattoo is a life-long bond and everyone has different reasons to get a tattoo on their skin. Some get a tattoo to flaunt in public, so they mostly prefer visible and huge tattoos that get applauded and appreciated everywhere. However, most of the people with bigger tattoos don’t know the actual meaning of the tattoo. And a tattoo without meaning is like a body without a soul; hence one starts to hate his or her tattoo after some time.

A tattoo can be big or small but it should carry a meaning that links with your personality. Even there are many beautiful tiny tattoo designs with deep and bigger meaning. You can see many people across you with such small tattoos but actually, all these tattoos have got relevance and hidden meaning that to some extent will link with the personality of the bearer.

There are various reasons one go ahead with tiny tattoos. Some get it after thoroughly researching all the tattoo designs and some get it just to satisfy their tattoo needs and at the same time to be safe at their workplace.

If you are searching for tiny tattoo designs then, this article is a perfect resource for you as it shares few tiny tattoo designs with their explained meaning.

  • Semicolon Tattoos

When we check out the dictionary to find the meaning of semicolon, we get the result that it is a punctuation mark (;) used to join two independent clauses in a sentence. The semicolon shows that the ideas in the two clauses are related.

Hence the tattoo of the semicolon (;), means the same. Semicolon tattoo originated in Green Bay, Wisconsin for those who struggle with self-harm, addiction, depression, and suicide, explains that it is not an end to anything and symbolizes to be “stay strong” or “to be continued” with life. A semicolon separates two thoughts but indicates that they share something in common. The tattoo is usually found on the wrist.

Project semicolon was initially started by Amy Bleuel as a way of honoring her father who lost his life after becoming a victim of suicide, and now this tattoo has become a hope for many people.

  • The Malin Symbol Tattoo

Some take setbacks in a positive manner while it affects negatively to others. However, setbacks should always be treated as another opportunity and hence one should be always motivated and make such setbacks a platform for moving forward in life. The Malin symbol represents the same in its tiny body.

Took birth in Sweden, Malin tattoos have a very deep and positive message hidden in it. The setback is always a lesson to be learned and becomes a platform for future gains and Malin symbol tattoo is a representation of such setbacks being the natural part of moving forward in life. So, if you have fallen in life and are ready to get up then motivate yourself with Malin symbol tattoo.

  • A tattoo of your birthplace

If your birthplace is an inspiration for you and you love it to all the extent, then getting a tiny map of your birthplace inked on your skin is not at all a bad idea. The tattoo will keep on remembering you the memories and love it has given to you. It will remain with you as your best friend and companion wherever you go in the world.

Krista’s love for her state urged her to get the first tiny tattoo with deep meaning and emotions. “I wanted my birthplace to be always with me wherever I am, so I decided to get myself inked because I thought this will be the best platform to make my memory permanent forever. Although the design which I chose was not so unique, big and visible to others, for me, this is a priceless and satisfied my need. I decided a tattoo design with an outline of the state of California on the inside of my left ring finger. I chose this location so that I can feel fully engaged with my state, no matter wherever I go.”

  • The Gibu Auja Tattoo

If your luck is locked somewhere and you are unable to find the right key, then Gibu Auja is a perfect key to unlock all the luck in your life. It is a perfect key to your lock. So, if previous year was unlucky for you, no need to worry at all, get your skin a Gibu Auja tattoo and surely you will bring home the luck with it.

The symbol is a Rune symbol which dates back to 5th century. It is said to bring good fortune along with it. So, don’t be disappointed with you being unlucky, just gift yourself a Gibu Auja tattoo and feel the positive change.