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Times When Tattoo Artists Refused To Tattoo

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 26th

Times When Tattoo Artists Refused To Tattoo

It is a well-known fact that people choose to get tattooed to express their feelings. But sometimes those feelings are temporary and fade away with the passage of time. And in no time that tattoo turns into a regret. However, there are many tattoo artists in the tattoo industry who do not run after the money and serve the clients rationally. They hit the customers with strict ‘NO’ if they feel their tattoo will soon end up in regret.

The article shares few such instances from Reddit where tattoo artists refused to ink weird tattoo designs on their client’s skin.

  • “I once got a tattoo on my wrist. My now ex-girlfriend went to the same shop to get a copy of my tattoo on the exact same spot, without me knowing. The tattoo artist refused and said he never does the same thing twice. Crisis averted.”
  • “A dude was in the shop with his girlfriend telling me he wanted his name on her neck. She seemed very quiet and didn't have a lot to say about it. It seemed a little weird and when the dude stepped outside for a second I asked her if she really wanted it and she shook her head. What a douche.”
  • “I drove a friend of mine to a tattoo appointment once. While he was getting worked on, another guy came in and requested the ICP logo with the Juggalo hatchet man (or whatever it's called) and he just said, ‘absolutely not.’”
  • “I went to see a tattoo artist when I had first turned 18 and had the money and wanted a specific symbol I liked tattooed along the base of my thumb (on the outside of my palm). The three people working there all basically said 'No. You aren't getting a tattoo on your hand.' Then they showed me how, despite all three of them having giant, freaking tattoos on their arms/legs/back, none had been stupid enough to get one on their hand. I got it on the inside of my wrist instead, and looking back I'm really glad they stopped me doing something that stupid.”
  • “I usually try and do most tattoos, but it's usually the younger crowd that wants something crazy. One instance was this 17-year-old girl who had her parents sign for her, she wanted the words 'Five Star B*tch' going across her lower back. I tried to talk her out of it, asked her if there were any other tattoos she'd been considering, and told her that I couldn't bring myself to put that on her forever. Her parents cussed up a storm and told me how I'm a piece of sh*t for ruining her birthday and how I wasted their time and that they're going to write me a bad review. I told the three of them to leave. A few months later, the daughter comes in and thanked me for not doing the tattoo for her.”
  • “I was in my third session for my back piece when a dude came into the shop and asked my artist about a tribal piece. My artist said that if he could identify with which ‘tribe’ it was associated and gained permission from its members, he would do it. Guy walked out without saying a word. Three cheers for cultural sensitivity.”
  • “My friend's brother ran a tattoo parlor out of his house, illegally. One day, a man showed up and asked for a tattoo of the twin towers on fire with some Middle Eastern flag flowing between the towers and blood running down the towers. A few days pass by, and FBI shows up at his house. They didn't care that he ran an illegal tattoo parlor, they just wanted a description of the guy that asked for the tattoo.”
  • “Saw a tattoo artist refuse to consider putting a ring tattoo around the finger of a young teenaged girl. She shrieked she'd complain to his boss, he said, I'll quit before I'll do something you will regret for the rest of your life’. She walked out in a huff, he still had a job, my respect given unreservedly.”

So, if you are planning to get a tattoo in near future, make sure you choose a good tattoo artist like mentioned above. They will gift you a tattoo of your life which you will never regret. If getting a tattoo is on your mind, it is advised that do not compromise on the tattoo artist. A good tattoo artist demands more money but it’s worth, you will get a permanent tattoo that you will cherish until you die. So, spend some time on finding a good tattoo artist, have discussions with him and then decide whether you wish to get a tattoo or not.