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These 6 Mother-Daughter Tattoos Will Make You Get One For Your Mommy Now

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jun 25th

These 6 Mother-Daughter Tattoos Will Make You Get One For Your Mommy Now

To a mother, her kids are really special. The bond turns cosier with her girl child as she can be more than a daughter. You two can be soul mates, best friends, sisters, secret keepers, and much more.

Do you love your mommy or daughter? Want to make her feel special? Why not get tattooed the same way?

Though getting inked can be an extremely personal decision, yet it serves to be a great choice to celebrate this bond. Hence, if you are thinking of doing something special for your mother or you are in search of a perfect gift for your darling daughter, tattoos are the gift for a life time.

Find out here some of the most amazing tattoos adorned by mother and daughter duos to declare their love for each other.

You Keep Me Wild-Safe

“My mother was a single woman when I was born. She has worked hard to make me successful. Every single day I used to think about how to make her happy. While I was searching for some way out to make her feel special I got this idea. We got these beautiful tattoos where mine showed the wilder side as I always with the new things. And she shows the nurturer’s end, someone who is around them and keeps me guided.”

The never-ending promise

"We two always desired to have matching tattoos. As Kylie turned 18 we started our search for the perfect tattoo. The problem was that we could never come up with something similar. While thought o getting something more meaningful, it was her to go for a voguish statement. Finally, she found this, a promise tattoo with a complete women’s essence. The promising hands are meant to express our love and affection. Also, it reminds us that we have promised to stay together and close for a lifetime, just like these tattoos would do to our skin.”

We are the shining stars

"My mom and I decided to get matching tattoos two years back. Last year was a pretty rough year for both of us. While she was dealing with some personal issues, I was fixed with my career problems. But even in those bad days, we stood by each other. We always wanted a way to remind each other that no matter what circumstances turn up, we will always be shining stars. And we found these cute little stars a way to show our support for one another always. It always inspires me to work more for her happiness and be her little star, making her every wish come true.”

Our love is infinite

"Many people ask me why I opted for this particular design. The reason is that I have raised her on my own, without anyone else in my life. She is the sole reason for my happiness. My love for her infinite, in fact, I myself have grown up with her. Being there for me through struggles and hardships, my girl is the reason I have accomplished so much. That love for her is deep and infinite in my heart. This is why I decided to get the infinity sign tattooed. But when it discussed the idea with Annie, she too was interested in getting it. And now we both flaunt it like fabulous buddies.”

The ‘Initials’ love

"Growing up with my mom was a bit of anxiety. She is a very planned and disciplined woman. In my childhood, it was hard to do anything that was unplanned or spontaneous with her. However, when I was in college, one fine day she called me. She stated that she randomly got a tattoo inked with my initials. I was shocked, overwhelmed, surprised, and of course, proud of her. It was mother’s day a week later, and I had not decided any gift for her. Here I got the idea to get the tattoo with her initials inked and express my feelings. Now we both got these wonderful tattoos and she is my world.”

No distance can separate us

"I decided to get her name tattooed when I was leaving the city for four years. My mom was not very happy with my decision to move out. Over her lifetime, she has been supporting me and guiding me for best. But this was time, due to a long separation, she was not willing. One day she was not home when I decided to cook her favorite meal, just to surprise her. When she returned and we had lunch together, I discussed the idea of getting these tattoos. It was a commitment to my mom that wherever I go, she will never be alone."

Aren’t they really cute?

Simply, it would be the best way possible to say ‘I love you forever’. What are you waiting for? Grab your mom and rush to the tattoo parlor right now.