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The Jordan Olympic Committee Raised Awareness On World Diabetes Day

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 8th

The Jordan Olympic Committee Raised Awareness On World Diabetes Day

Around the world, World Diabetes Day (WDD) is celebrated every year on November 14. On this day various campaigns are conducted world over to raise awareness against one of the most quickly growing diseases. International Diabetes Federation and its association members are famous for carrying out amazing awareness campaigns which engage millions of people worldwide and imparts to them the knowledge against diabetes.

Around the world, numerous NGOs, diabetes organizations, health departments, companies and individuals develop extensive activities, programs and campaigns at variety of levels to help educate people and raise diabetes awareness.

This past year (on November 14, 2015), The Jordan Olympic Committee with the motive to raise awareness against diabetes and promote healthy lifestyle, came up with an online social media campaign across the Kingdom.

Organized as part of its commitment for the development and growth of sports and fitness in the nation; the Jordan Olympic Committee shared various health tips and advices on its official social media pages and other official channels.

JOC also had the campaign running on its Facebook page that has over 74,000 followers. The campaigns motive was to help the people prevent, control and reverse diabetes. And all in all the campaign was successful because the youth showed great interest.

The Initiative

The Jordan Olympic Committee’s social media campaign basically was part of the local initiative to promote living with sports. The campaign encouraged the people of the kingdom to make sports and healthy living a part of their daily lifestyle and live with it, to ensure diabetes stays away from them.

The campaign promoted the Jordan Olympic Committee’s communications plan to encourage Jordanians to make sports a part of their healthy lifestyle and include it in the daily routine.

The Youth Matrix

In Jordan almost 34 percent of people over the age of 25 are living with diabetes of some kind. And since, sports and healthy living can play a vital role in the wellbeing and healthy development of all Jordanians, the campaign became all the more famous and successful.

This healthy lifestyle awareness campaign was all the more significant since 86 percent of females above the age of 25 are overweight or obese in Jordan. They are very prone to diabetes and thus need some kind of an awareness campaign to educate them about fitness and benefits of losing weight.

The JOC campaign also focused on the youth aged 10-24, most of which (41 percent male and 46 percent female) are spending most of their time watching television.

This World Diabetes Day provided the ultimate platform to promote the incredible benefits of sports and fitness to thousands and thousands of children in Jordan.

The Global stance

The Jordan Olympic Committee’s motive with the social media campaign was basically to unite the global diabetes community to create a powerful stance for diabetes awareness. The sharing of healthy lifestyle tips on Facebook meant the word was spread to most parts of the world.

Such a message becomes really important on the global arena as 382 million people worldwide suffer with some form of diabetes. A scenario is such that almost 10 percent (35 million) out of these are in the Middle East and the North African Region.

The Conclusion

The JOC campaign was successful concluded and it is expected to help prevent, control and reverse the condition in people, living or on the verge of acquiring diabetes.