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The Insider's Guide to Dermarolling

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Feb 17th

The Insider's Guide to Dermarolling

As compared to the other cosmetic treatments, the dermarolling technique is certainly a more popular one. It manages to be extremely simple and works excellently for restoring your skin to its natural beauty. Find out how the entire process goes on.

Do rolling hundreds of needles on the skin make any sense? Of course not, unless you know that it is going to be highly beneficial for your skin. You might have guessed by now what it is about- dermarolling.

Yes, the process which includes use of a cylindrical tool containing hundreds of micro needles. Now as the name suggests, the method involves usage of the Derma Roller along an area of your skin which is to be treated. Seriously, dermarolling is really that simple. Covered in extremely fine surgical needles, the rollers are meant to stimulate the skin as it slides across the skin.

Learning the mechanism of action

One of the best things about derma rollers is their unique style of working. As compared to the other alternative treatments which are used for rejuvenation of skin, roller aims to encourage production of a vital substance, collagen. Actually, it is lack of collagen which leads to scarring and wrinkles on skin.

You need to understand that making your skin to restore itself comes with an advantage of being highly effective and non-abrasive. No doubt, there are several other popular therapies such as laser treatment and chemical peels which are said to clear wrinkles and other skin problem in shorter span. Bu these tend to damage the skin and are expensive too.

Versatile usage makes it worth

Another reason behind its increasing popularity is that it serves with a range of different uses. In case of most other skin therapies, generally, the aim is to achieve a single objective. For example, there are several creams which aim to reverse the effects of aging; on the other hand there are methods which stimulate hair growth. But separating from all these, dermarolling is the one which serves with more than one purpose at time. It can be used to restore the wrinkled and scarred skin; on the other hand it is believed to treat cellulite and hair loss.

Is it painful?

Insertion of needles certainly causes pain. But that doesn’t stop you from undergoing this treatment. How? It is easy; all you need is to apply a topical numbing cream like Dr.Numb® to your skin prior to using Derma Roller. In many cases, derma rollers are designed and used in a way to make it as comfortable as possible. But for those who still feel pain can switch to this numbing solution. Being one of the best of its kind, it carries 5% lidocaine and several other natural ingredients which makes it effective and efficient, both.

So, now you can go with this extremely simple system which encourages your body to combat with several skin problems like wrinkles and scars naturally!