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Are Tattoos Still a Social Stigma

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 17th

Are Tattoos Still a Social Stigma

Fighting for 100 years can yield freedom to a country, but tattoos are still in the shackles of stigma since thousands of years. Despite the abundant prevalence of tattoos in the modern world, the tattooed persons are still being judged and stigmatized.

A study published in The Science Journal found that the person with tattoos feel comfortable with friends and relatives having a tattoo. It also revealed that the numbers of tattoos have a direct relationship with person getting stigmatized. Higher the number of tattoos, higher will be the feed of stigmatization for a tattooed person.

Also, the research published says that people regret their tattoo if they got it just for the sake of getting a tattoo. Unless, they understand the meaning of a tattoo, they will regret about it.

Apart from the research, there are many people who got just one tattoo for the sake of love and did thorough research about the tattoo before getting it and still regretted it. This article covers up one such story of a young 26 years old Philip who is working with a MNC.

A Tattoo, Job and Regret

I was a hard-working student since my high school and following a dream to be a good web designer, I joined a reputed university in computer science to bag a degree and get a good job. My focus remained entirely on studies in all my 4 years of degree. But I met someone in college who motivated me to achieve my dream. We were each other’s support for 4 years. Both of us wanted to support each other for our entire life time, but we were well aware about our career too at a same time, so we decided to get married as soon as we get a good job.

At an age of 23, I got my first job and that too in big MNC, and the day I turned 24, I got married to my dream girl. Life was going on a smooth track with my wife and good job. We went to spend some good time on weekend and decided to get ourselves tattooed. After spending 2 hours with tattoo artist, we finalized the design. I decided to get a tattoo on my arms and she decided to have a tattoo on her neck. The tattoo process took complete 3 hours to get completed and we both were very happy with the results. I went ahead with the tattooing without using numbing cream because I wanted to feel the pain that is accompanied with inking process. My wife, on the other hand used Dr Numb in prior to the process.

Next day, we both went for our respective jobs and everything was quite normal until after 1 week my immediate boss called me in his cabin and asked me to get the tattoo covered up or removed if I was interested in continuing the job. When I asked for the reason, he said, a person with tattoo hampers the reputation of our company and can affect the work culture of it. I was shocked for 5 minutes and then I said, I will do the needful and went away.

When I discussed about it with my wife, she too got shocked and we both started to ride the horses of our mind on what to do next. On one side there was a good job and on the other hand I had a tattoo, from which I had no problem. We both came to conclusion that I will be keeping my tattoo and leave my job, because it would affect my life working with such narrow minded people. Next day, I went to office and handed over my resignation to boss and he was surprised that I chose a tattoo over a job.

It was not a mere case of tattoo. It was more related with narrow minds of people and I wanted to raise that wall of thinking. We decided to quit the job over an issue of tattoo and lay stepping stone for others to follow so that tattoos remain no longer a stigma in modern society, we reside in.

My wife too quit her job and today we have opened our own little firm which deals in providing IT Solutions and we have our own rules, where tattoos are definitely not a problem. A mind should be treated before treating a skin with tattoo.

This story of Philip is really an inspiration for all those who are in dilemma, whether to get their tattoo removed or proudly wear it because of the job issue. It is a high time to raise the bar of mind and appreciate the people with tattoos without judging them. It is their freedom to choose to be get tattooed, so don’t bind their freedom with narrow mindedness.